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ANGELA (Ansela) VAN BENGALE (aslo known as Mooij Ansela) she died 1699 [1720 see correction below]. Angela was a slave from Bengale, India (today it is know as Bangladesh). The Ganges delta had numerous company stations, such as Hougli (Head Quarters), Kazimber, and Patna. A.K Chattopadhyay in Slavery in India p45, 46 mentions that the slave hunters use to steal children from their parents in the Bengal villages and then sell them into slavery, they also captured passers-by and poor people. He continues by mentioning diffirent classes of slaves:
1. Those who were defeated in war.
2. Those who were children of slaves
3. Those who were purchased
4. Some were pledged or mortgaged
5. Some were received as a gift
6. Some became slaves by court decree.

At Bengal clothing, opium and salpeter (the later used in preparation of gunpowder) was sold. The slaves from Bengal were taken to the ports of Canning, Flatah, Chandpalghat and Hooghly on ships and "dhows". The slaves were also branded on their forehead and breast. Angela was brought on the ship Amersfoort to the Cape (W. Blommaert "Het Invoern van de Slavernij aan de Kaap", p 6 Archive Year Book of South Africa 1938 Vol I). In Oct 1655 van Riebeeck bought a slave Angela van Bengale from commander Pieter Kemp. Angela was sold by Jan van Riebeeck on 19 Apr 1662 to Abraham Gabbema. On the 13th April 1666 Gabbema signed a document which would lead to Angela"s freedom six months later. She was the third person to be freed from slavery at the Cape.

Anna de Koningh X Olof Bergh
Jacobus van As (Their father was most likely Jan van As)
Johannes van As
Pieter = 3 Jun 1668 (he did not survive)

There was a Francois de Coninck from Ghent at the Cape, he arrived as a soldier in August 1658. There was also a Marten Coninck from Hamburgh, a soldier who received his freedom on 22 June 1661

Jan van As or Asschen was from Brussels and he arrived at the Cape in 1659, he then worked as a cooper.

She got married on the 15 Dec 1669, Arnoldus Willemsz BASSON

Willem Basson
Gerrit Basson
Johannes Basson
Michiel Basson
Elsie Basson

Angela tried to save a Hottentot woman, Sara, who committed suicide by hanging, unfortunately she was already dead (Familia XVI p23).

Angela received two properties as titles according to Cairns p 86.


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AM van Rensburg.

Additional data and correction on death date of Angela:

Intussen is daar ‘n datum in die huidige stuk wat beslis verkeerd is – in die eerste sin word daar gestel dat sy in 1699 oorlede is. Johann Basson het dit pas opgemerk en aan my uitgewys.

Dis beslis verkeerd, sy is in 1720 oorlede, sy het by haar seun se boedel vendusie op 21 Nov 1719 goed gekoop.

Reference no.: MOOC10/2.17
Testator(s): Michiel Basson 21 November 1719
J:s Cruse
Vendu rol van alle sodanige goederen als er bij publique vendutie op den 21:e November 1719 ten huijse van Ansla van Bengalen zijn verkogt, naargelaten en met er dood ontruijmt door Michiel Basson, namentlijk Rd:s
1 sabel met 1 port epé met silver beslag Pieter van de Westhuijsen de oude 3:7 1/2
1 snaphaan s:r Sergius Swellengrebel 1:7 1/2
1 snaphaan Barent Vlotman 4:2
1 snaphaan Jonas van d:r Poel 4:2
1 silvere haak met 1 ketting Nicolaas van Wieling 1:7
1 mantje met poppe goet Ansla van Bengalen 4:5

Voor 18 Julie 1720 toe haar boedelinventaris opgeneem is, is sy self oorlede:

Reference no.: MOOC8/4.15
Testator(s): Ansla van Bengalen 18 Julij 1720
J: Cruse
Staat en inventaris der goedere, nagelaten en met 'er dood ontruijmt, door Ansla van Bengalen wed:e Arnoldus Willemsse Basson..

Martina Louw.



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