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BASSON Arnoldus Willemsz

Arnoldus Willemsz BASSON, was baptised 31 March 1647 at the Willibrordkirche and he died 1698. His father was Willem Baeson who was married on 9 May 1634 to Elsken Boespinck. He was already in 1665 at the Cape as a burgher. He had the nickname "Jagt"

Arnoldus got married, 1669 to the previous slave ANGELA (Ansela) VAN BENGALE (also known as Maaij Ansela). She died c1720, (according to Richard Ball) refer to her Boedelrekening MOOC 13/1/2, 1.

Jan van Riebeeck bought Angela in 1655 from Pierre Kemp. Van Riebeeck in turn sold Angela on his departure from the Cape in 1662 to Fiscal Abraham Gabbema. On the 13th April 1666 Gabbema signed a document which would lead to Angela"s freedom six months late, after serving Thomas Christoffel Mullerr. She was the third person to be freed from slavery at the Cape.

Angela was baptised 29 April 1668.

Angela tried to save a Hottentot woman, Sara, who committed suicide by hanging, unfortunately she was already dead (Familia, XVI, p 23).

Angela received two properties as titles according to Cairns p. 86.

Angela had a number of VOORKINDERS, Basson was not their father:
Anna de Koning X Oloef Bergh
Jacobus van As (Their father was most likely Jan van Assen)
Johannes van As
Pieter = 3 Jun 1668 (We do not know who his father was, he died young)

1. Willem baptised Aug 1670, died 30 Jan 1713, X 18 March 1691 Helena CLEMENTS/MICHIELS
2. Gerrit, X Johanna Rynick
3. Johannes (He died before his mother) X Zacharia Visser
4. Elsie she died young
5. Michiel = 26 Jun 1679 X Maria Daaldons
6. Elsie = 29 Jun 1681 X Reynier van der Sande
7. Maria = 16 May 1683, X C Maasdorp

Arnoldus Basson obtained the title of the farm Nuwedorp in Groot Drakenstein with Jacobus van As on 20 December 1689. He died in 1689.

Angela purchased the 22 year old slave Pieter van Malabar in 1698. She also bought the slave Arend van Bengale in 1700. When she died she owned the farm Hondswyk in Drakenstein.


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Data byvoeging:

Arnoldus Willemsz Basson v. Wesel, Kreis Rees, Rynland, Duitsland ≈St. Willibrordkirche, Wesel 31.3.1647, lidmaat v.d. Kaapse Kerk 1665 † c. 1698, s.v. Willem Baesson, wat tydens sy huwelik op 9.5.1634 met Elsken Boespinck, 'n soldaat onder kaptein Van Lier te Wesel was en het, nadat hy op 26.4.1637 'n burger v. Wesel geword het, die beroep v. kleremaker beoefen x Kaapstad 15.12.1669 Angela v. Bengale (wed. v. Domingo) ≈bej. Kaapstad c. 1638, a. c. 1657 aan boord Amersfoort, vrygestelde slavin v. sekunde Abraham Gabbema op 13.4.1666 (Erkenning: HAE de Vos tot Nederveen Cappel, Nederland)

b1 Willem ≈31.8.1670, burger Drakenstein † 30.1.1713 x 18.3.1691 Helena CLEMENTS / MICHIELS ≈22.4.1674 † c. 1713 d.v. Matthys Michiels en Isabella van Delft
b2 Gerrit * 9.2.1673 ≈2.9.1673 x Johanna RYNICK v. Leiden, vertrek na Nederland Feb./Maart 1713
b3 Johannes ≈14.7.1675 † c. 1706 x Zacharia Jansz VISSER (wed. v. Diederik Putter) ≈23.8.1665/1667 † c. 1722 d.v. Jan Coenraad Visser en Margaretha Gerrits
b4 Elsie ≈29.8.1677 † voor 1678
b5 Michiel ≈29.6.1679 † c. 1719/1772 (volgens ander bron) x c. 1714 Maria DAENSDONS/ DAALDONS/DANSDONS * c.1679/1681 † c. 1719, v. onbekende afkoms.
b6 Elsie ≈29.6.1681 † c. 1713 x Reijnier VAN DER SANDE * Batavia, soldaat 1696, burger 1700 † 16.1.1717 s.v. Nikolaas van der Sande en Catharina Hoffers (hy xx
18.12.1714 Hendrina van Hoeting, wed. v. Jan Kotzé
b7 Maria ≈16.5.1683 x Kaapstad 28.5.1702 Christian MAASDORP / MATZDORF * c. 1674 a. 1697 v. Pasewalk, Duitsland as matroos, meester-wamaker, burger 1701, pagter v. wyn en brandewyn, 1719 sersant in Burgermag, grondregte v. "Watervliet", dist. Drakenstein (hy xx 3.12.1713 Helena van der Merwe, wed. v. Jacobus van As xxx c.
1723 Cornelia Viljoen, wed. v. Hercules du Preez)


SAF [SUID-AFRIKAANSE FAMILIEREGISTERS saamgestel deur Genealogiese Instituut van Suid-Afrika (GISA)]:

Martina Louw.

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