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Olof BERGH married Anna DE CONINGH / de KONINGH, daughter of ANGELA (Ansela) VAN BENGALE.

Bergh was a leading figure in the Cape, a member of the Political Council and a close friend of governor WA van der Stel. Bergh possessed a couple of black wigs. There are drawings of both Bergh and his wife still preserved. The farm De Kuilen belonged to him, also a house on Heerengracht, another house behind it, a house near the church, another house in Tafelvallei, the farm Constania and two "opstallen" at Piquetberg.

In 1705 Maria de Haze, the wife of Governor WA van der Stel, tried to commit suicide by drowning herself in the fountain. Anna saved her life.

b1 Christina = 18 Jun 1679, X Jacobus de Wet, XX 28 Jun 1711 Matthias Bergstedt
b2 Maria = 1 March 1682, X 1 Jan 1702 Albert Koopman, XX 3 Jul 1707 Johannes Visser
b3 Petrus = 19 May 1684
b4 Appolonia Africana = 8 Sep 1686, X Jan Alders
b5 Carolus Erlandt = 10 Jul 1689
b6 Johanna Magdalena = 26 Aug 1691, X Daniel Carnspeck
b7 Dorothea Francina = 30 Jun 1695
b8 Simon Petrus = 6/16.9.1696
b9 Martinus = 2 Nov 1696, X 20 Aug 1719 Catharina Ley
b10 Engela = 12 Dec 1700
b11 Albertus = 29 Oct 1702, X 14 Feb 1723 Elizabeth Bisseux

The son (b3) Petrus was sent as a soldier to the East due to his misbehaviour.
Ad Biewenga, De Kaap de Goede Hoop -- Een Nederlandse vestigingskolonie 1680 -1730, p. 225: Makes the following reference to Olof Bergh and Anna de Koning:

"Inderdaad zien we ouders zich met het huwelijk van hun kind bemoeien. In 1723 kantten Olof Bergh en zijn vrouw Anna de Koning zich tegen het voorgenomen huwelijk van hun zoon Simon Petrus. Omdat hij er niet van af te brengen was, verzochten zij de Politieke Raad of hij naar Indië verzonden mocht worden. Nadat de Raad inlichtingen had ingewonnen, werd Bergh junior als matroos aangesteld en verzonden". Resolusies VI.356 & 371

In 1684 Bergh had four male slaves, a female slave and two slave children. Anthonie van Angola bought the slave Sijmen Ham van Madagascar for 85 Rds from Bergh. In 1700 Bergh sold the slave Arend van Bengale to his mother-in-law for 70 Rds. In 1702 the freeburgher Christoffel Armbrecht agreed to purchase a slave for Bergh in exchange for another slave belonging to Bergh whom he wanted to marry. He already had a child with her and was raising the child as his own.

Olof Bergh died in 1724, and his wife died nine years later.

Heese en Lombard
Ad Biewenga, De Kaap de Goede Hoop -- Een Nederlandse vestigingskolonie 1680 -1730
Karel Schoeman, Armosyn van die Kaap: Die Wêreld van "n slavin 1652 - 1733

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