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Surnames H to J


David HOLLENBACH S.V.  was born about 1800.

David HOLLENBACH arrives at Cape Town before 1823 [KAB CO 3925 REFERENCE 398 MEMORIALS RECEIVED. DAVID HOLLENBACH. REQUESTS A COLONIAL PASS.]  from Amsterdam, Holland. A sailor in the Napoleonic Wars. Teacher of the 'Witboois' in South West Africa. Later a teacher in the North West Cape.

David married Martha Catharina Elizabeth HENNING  on 04 Nov 1827 in Tulbagh Neder Geref Church, Cape Colony. Martha was born about 1811. She was christened on 01 Sep 1811 in Swartland Neder Geref Church, Cape Colony, d.o.Johan Willem Henning en Hester Cecilia van der Merwe

They had the following children:

              b1. Philip was born [Mother; Sara Cloete vd Kaap].

              b2. Hester Maria Cecilia was born on 08 Mar 1830.

              b3. David Johannes was born on 25 Nov 1831/1832.

David married  Hester Sophia Helena LUBBE  on 09 Aug 1858 in Springbok United Church of England, Namaqualand. Hester was born on 04 Mar 1840/1841.

               b4. Willem Jacobus Adriaan was born on 29 Aug 1833. He was christened on 29 Aug 1834 in Clanwilliam dist, Cape Colony.

Willem resided in 1862 in Namaqualand, Gharries dist. He was a Sheep Farmer.

Willem married Wilhelmina HAYES  daughter of Jeremiah HAYES and Johanna Hendrina VAN WIELLIGH on 01 Aug 1862 in Springbok Marriage Court, Namaqualand.
Wilhelmina was born in 1846.

               b5. Maria Magdalena was born on 25 Aug 1835/1836.

               b6. Anna Jacoba was born on 29 Aug 1837.Anna resided in 1857 in Namaqualand, Springbok, "Platjesfontein".

Anna married  Frederick VAN REENEN  son of Jacob VAN REENEN on 02 Nov 1857 in Springbok United Church of England, Namaqualand. Frederick was born in 1831. Frederick resided in 1857 in Hondeklip Bay dist, Namaqualand. He was employed as a Carrier.

               b7. Christina Louisa was born on 25 Mar 1839.

               b8. Arie Johannes was born on 10 Jul 1841 in Calvinia dist, Cape Colony. He died  on 08 Jan 1906 in Potchefstroom dist, Transvaal,farm 'Smithfield'.  The cause of death was Inflammation of the Lungs. Arie resided in 1874 in Lichtenburg dist, Transvaal. He was a Stock Farmer.He lived on the farm 'Strydpoort', Wolmaransstad dist, Transvaal during 1902. Him and 8 of his children were sent to the Klerksdorp Concentration Camp during the Anglo Boer War.

Arie married  (1) Hendrina Bertina SWARTS  daughter of Hendrik Albert SWARTS and Susanna Magdalena Francina on 17 Oct 1870 in Potchefstroom Marriage Court, Transvaal. Hendrina was born in 1842 in Caledon dist, Cape Colony. She died  on 19 Jul 1873 in Makwassie dist, Transvaal.

Arie married (2) Margaretha Cornelia VAN RENSBURG  on 16 Feb 1874 in Zeerust Marriage Court, Transvaal, Marico dist. Margaretha was born in 1856 in OFS.

              b9. Izak Schalk was born on 17 Jun 1843.

              b10. Martha Catharine Elisabeth was born on 10 Feb 1846. She died  on 21 Oct 1909 in Pella dist, Namaqualand.  The cause of death was Apolexsy. She was buried in Pella dist, Namaqualand. Baptism Witnesses: Willem Jacobus Adriaan Hollenbach; Wilhelmina Hollenbach.

Martha married  Jeremias HAYES  son of Jeremiah HAYES and Johanna Hendrina VAN WIELLIGH on 15 Jan 1862 in Springbokfontein Marriage Court, Namaqualand. Jeremias was born on 02 Jun 1842. He died on 05 Dec 1900. Jeremias was employed as a Farmer in 1865. He was employed as a Constable in 1872.

             b11. Philippus Petrus was born on 20 Jan 1848.

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