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Surnames H to J


Jan Hendrik HOLLENBACH SV  was born about Dec 1851 in Arnhem, Netherland. He died on 30 Mar 1914 in Ermelo dist, Transvaal.

Was born in the Netherlands. In 1879 he married Hermina Johanna Breyer in the Netherlands. They had five children. Emigrated to the ZAR in 1889. He was an architect and lecturer of rectilinear draughting at the Staatsgimnasium [State Gymnasium], recorded in Longland's Directory of 1899 as professor of drawing at the Model School In his private listing and of the Mining School in the State Gymnasium entry and as working for the ZAR DPW (Rex, 1974:375), he appears in an 1897 group photograph. He was member of the Hollanders Corp, 5th Platoon in the South African War, but was not involved in any military engagements with the enemy (Ferreira, 1977: 184). Hollenbach died in Ermelo in 1914.

Jan married Hermine Johanna BREYER  in Arnhem, Netherland. Hermine died in 1937.

They had the following children: 

b1. Johann Georg was born about Dec 1883 in Arnhem, Netherland.

b2. Johanna Hendrika.

b3. Herman Johan.

b4. Elise Sophie was born on 23 Jan 1884 in Arnhem, Netherland. She died on 15 Dec 1962 in Pretoria dist, Transvaal. She never married.  The cause of death was Heart Failure, a Stroke. She was buriedin Pretoria Zandfontein Cemetery, Transvaal.

b5. Carel Arnold.

a2. [b1]Johann Georg HOLLENBACH SV  (Jan Hendrik) was born about Dec 1883 in Arnhem, Netherland. He died on 01 Oct 1946 in Ermelo dist, Transvaal, farm 'Welgelegen'.  The cause of death was Embolus Arterial, Coronaric Cordis. He was buried in Ermelo Cemetery, Transvaal.

Johann married Sophia Olga NICOLSON  in 1915 in Ermelo dist, Transvaal. Sophia was born on 23 Jun 1892. She died in 1963.

They had the following children:

b1. William Nicolson was born abt 1919 in Ermelo dist, Transvaal. He died on 07 Dec 1941 in Middle East.  The cause of death was presumed killed in action. William was a Luitenant in the South African Air Force in 1941.
His will; Owner of farm 'Springbokkraal' Piet Retief dist, Transvaal was left to his Fiance; Magrietha Susanna Petronella Kleynhans from Ermelo dist, Transvaal.

b2. Carel Arnold.

b3. Elise Sophie 

b4. Johanna Hendrina

b5. Herman


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