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Surnames R to U


He brought the first Turkish Tobacco seeds from Smyrna Turkey, having gone there from Italy. This family had vineyards in Stellenbosch and made their own wine.

Married date unknown in Smyrna, Asia Minor, ANTOINETTE JAMAFTA 
On her 3 son's DN's her name is spelt ZAMAFTA.

b1 JOANNES LAURENTIUS STELLA , * c1875 in Smyrna, Asia Minor, † 23 May 1942 in St Joseph's Sanatorium Pinelands C.T., occupation Railway employee.
Resided at 8 de Villiers Street, Beaufort West. Died aged 69yrs 7months. His wife signed the DN.

Married date unknown in Beaufort West, AGNES MARY CURTIN .
They had 3 daughters.

b2 LAURENTIUS EMMANUEL STELLA , * c1877 in Smyrna Turkey, † 25 August 1947 in residence in B'West, occupation General Dealer.
Died aged 70 yrs. Wife signed DN. Resident in Beaufort West They had no children.

Married date unknown, CHRISTANTI GHENZI , * c1880 in Smyrna, Turkey, † 5 November 1949 in home of sister in B'West.
CHRISTANTI: Died aged 69yrs. Her brother was KOSTAS KENTSIS also known as Constantino born in Greece. Elizabeth A. Stella signed her DN and was also executrix of her estate.

b3 ALPHONSUS STELLA , * c 1882 in Smyrna Asia Minor, † 16 June 1950 in residence in the Strand., occupation SA Railway artisan.
Naturalized Union National of Italian parentage. Died aged 68yrs 9 months. Residence: 127 Main Street, The Strand. Had no children. Wife signed DN.

Married date unknown in Beaufort West, CATHERINE LOUISA CURTIN .

b4 LEOPOLD MAURICE STELLA , occupation Retired farmer.
He signed wife's DN. Residence: van Riebeeck street Stellenbosch.

Married date unknown in B'West, ELIZABETH ELLEN DOWSETT,  * c1880 in Fauresmith OFS, (daughter of WILLIAM DOWSETT and ANTOINETTE DOWSETT ) † 3 June 1927 in residence in Stellenbosch Ω Onder Papegaaiberg Cemetery Stellenbosch
ELIZABETH: LDS Microfilm #1795040 Natal Marriages Item 3, entry 924 has an ELIZABETH DOWSETT x to NEWTON GOMPERS date 26/6/ not know if this is the same person yet.


DN's of sons Alphonsus, Laurentius & Joannes.
DN-KAB MOOC 6/9/9064 ref. 79392.
DN-KAB MOOC 6/9/14239 ref. 4381.
DN-KAB MOOC 6/9/16597 ref. 5815.
DN-KAB MOOC 6/9/17252 ref. 3322.
DN of wife.
DN-KAB MOOC 6/9/3158 ref. 15193.

Compiled and researched by Annatjie Tiran 2014

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