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Surnames H to J

JOON Johan Gottlob

Johan Gottlob / JOONE / JOHN arrived at the Cape as a soldier in 1757 form Leisnig. He was made a sergeant in 1763. He then became the assistant landdrost of Stellenbosch 1768 - 1779. He died at Stellenbosch 20 December 1800. In Germany he was married to Johanna Eleonora HAASE

b1 Christiaan Gottlieb arrived in the Cape 1775 as a soldier, X 9 Jun 1782 Martha Wepener (daughter of Joachim Ernst Wepener and Regina van de Kaap)

Later Christiaan Gottlieb made objections about his father living with a slave girl, by whom he had five children, "who strutted about in the household of their master clad in civil clothes with silver clasps on their shoes".

Marthinus Adrianus Bergh called John "een beest in een manlyke gedaan"

Heese en Lombard
JLM Franken " Dr J Hoge"s "Personalia of the Germans at the Cape"" Africana Notes and News Vol VI no 1, Dec 1948
J Hoge"s "Personalia of the Germans at the Cape

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