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Johannes LAUTENBACH, (S in CJ 13520) from Herrenbreitungen in Hesse. Arr.1784 as so., since 1787 in the Governor's bodyguard, from 1789 as corp., rel., from serv. 1791, 1794 resident "over de Berg" on the farm of ex-heemraad Hendrik Oswald Eksteen, "dryf't tevens kleyne negotie"a Shopkeeper, died at Misgund, Cape Dist on 18 Aug 1843 (85.5.10). x Kaapstad 7 Jun 1789 ~ (1) Catharina Magdalena Heckroth, wid. Christiaan Valentyn Berning; (2)xx 28 Oct 1800 Johanna Elisabeth Smalberger, wid. Frans Keukens
(q.v.). Children: Anna Margaretha (14.6.1789), Sara Jacoba (28.8.1791) ~Jan Hendrk Briel (see under Franz Brende). (C 220, pp. 597 ff. nr. 87; C201, p. 225; Test. O.C. 45: 14.) (These references from Personalia not consulted)


b1 Anna Margaretha 14.6.1789
b2 Sara Jacoba ≈ 28.8.1791 x Luthern Church 18.11.1810 Jan Hendrik BRIEL (Brende) xx 28.10. Johann Henirich VOGELSANG.
b3 Johannes Godfried ≈ 29.6.1794
b4 Dorothea Christina ≈ Cape Town 7.5.1797 x Cape Town 14.10.1821 Johann Baptist Gabriel EVERTS.

Some references do not separate the children from his two marriages and by assumption from the date of his second marriage the children listed below are from his second marriage.

b5 Elizabeth Susanna * 3.6.1807 Cape Town ≈ 14.6.1807
b6 Hendrik Adolf (Oodolf)* 13.3.1811 ≈ Cape Town 21.4 1811 farmer at Durbanville x Cape Town 17.2.1845 Wilhelmina Elizabeth CONSTABLE.

On copies of documents obtained from the Cape Archives the surname is written as Laudenbach and Laudensbach.
In a memorial requesting the manumission of a slave his signature appears as J Laudenbach.

The death certificate of Johannes Laudenbach is signed by his son H. O. Laudenbach.
Children listed on his death certificate are:
Johannes Godfried Laudenbach
Sara Jacoba Laudenbach
Dorothea Christina Laudenbach all majors pre? (Wedlock with Catharina Magdalena Heckroodt)
Hendrik Oordolf Laudenbach major

The Groote Kerk baptism register records for the children of Hendrik Oodolf Laudenbach and Wilhelmina Elizabeth Constable show that the surname varies between Laudenbach and Lautenbach. It is not known exactly when in South Africa the name changed to Lautenbach but the change appears to have occurred about this time.

The death certificate of Johanna Elizabeth Smalberger lists her children as Maria Cornelia Keukens (a child from her first marriage to Frans Keukens) and Hendrik Oodolf Laudenbach. Her daughter Anna Margaretha is not mentioned and it is assumed that she died some time before this event.

Johannes Godfried Lautenbach (b3) was christened in Cape Town on 29 June 1794.
No records of his birth, marriage, any children or death have been found as yet. It is not known if this Lautenbach bloodline continued.
As a witness to the baptism of Johannes Jacobus Lautenbach in de Groote Kerk on 5/9/1847 in Cape Town, Johannes Godfried was still living on 5/9/1847 and was about 53 years, 2 months and 6 days old at that time.

I have not found a connection between Sara Jacoba Lautenbach (b2) and "Brende" the surname associated with her husband in all of the above references.


Geslagregisters van die Ou Kaapse Families
(KAB CO V3929 ref. 374 1825)
Personalia of the Germans at the Cape
South African Genealogies Vol. 5 p.77

Compiled by Raymond A. Lautenbach

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