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Jan LATSKY arrived at the Cape between 1817 and 1819. He was born in 1792. He married Lacya Gloudina BUYS at Worcester, her parents were Stephanus Johannes Buys and Anna Catharina Jachemina Du Buisson.

It has been stated that he was of very large stature. He must have had a very adventurist spirit, since he served in the Cossack regiment against Napoleon. He saw Moscow burning. He received a bullet wound and had a scar on the forehead from a sword slash. He also fought at Waterloo. At first he served a doctor grooming his horses.

He moved to the arid part of the Karoo and he obtained the farm Celeryfontein in 1827. He built a house with loopholes for defence. There are very old graves on the farm, with flat stones stacked on top of one another but the graves are not marked.

b1 Anna Catharina Jacomina = 11 Jan 1828, X 9 Dec 1844 Stephanus Johannes Heyman
b2 Magadalena Alida Petronella = 16 Aug 1829, X 5 Jul 1847 Mattheus Willem Johannes Kuhn
b3 Stephanus Johannes = 3 Mar 1833, X 28 Mar 1853 Neeltje Visser, XX 30 Jul 1866 Christina Johanna Paulsen

Jan died on 18 December 1866 on his farm Celeryfontein not far from Carnarvon in the Cape.

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Heese and Lombard

LG Green, Karoo


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