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KEMP Nicolaas

Nicolaas KEMP van Batavia, was "n mandoor (opsigter) van slawe in die losie van die Kaap. Hy en Cecilia SWERISSE is die ouers van:
b1 Jannetje gebore aan die Kaap 1696, X 1 Mei 1718 Jacob Kruger

Shell on page 181 mentions a Johannes Kemp who had been seized in Ceylon in 1688 and condemned to slavery at the Cape, was listed as a convict among Company slaves working on the general works. After five years (1693) the governor himself appointed him a mandoor of the Lodge. In 1705 he worked as a mandoor of the Company slave masons, which was an elite corps of Lodge slaves. Responding to his 1710 request for the right to work his passage back to Batavia, the Dutch official mentioned - in Johannes favour - that he was mulatto ("mestico").

Heese en Lombard
R Shell Children of Bondage

Saamgestel deur:
AM van Rensburg



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