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D'ASSONVILLE, Henri Emile Amond Menilius

Henri, came to South Africa in 1863 (that was after the “groot trek” and this family stayed in the Cape Colony) from Belgium. He was from Liège, Région Wallonne in Belgium. He was a qualified Civil Engineer. He was the son of Dutch parents with an aristocratic background namely: Noble GS d’ASSONVILLE and Constance Louise MAHIELS. The surname depicts someone came from a part of the Département d'Arthez-d'Asson Pyrénées-Atlantiques en région Nouvelle-Aquitaine in France. He settled in Kareedouw in the Cape Colony. Here he became a large hotel proprietor.

He married Aletta Frederika TERBLANCE (1834-1936) on 12 December 1864 in Humansdorp in the Cape Colony. She was the daughter of Uniondale live stock farmer SSPJ TERBLANCHE and his wife M VELDTMAN. Aletta was buried in the Kareedouw Cemetery.

Today the 4th generations of d’ASSONVILLE are staying in South Africa

The couple were part of the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa, but later generations became part of the reformed church (commonly called “Doppers”) Children born from Henri’s marriage to Aletta. All the children were born in Kareedouw:

b1. Gustav Adolph * 18 September 1865. He was experienced entrepreneur. Gustav married Hansie Hendrina BARNARD (1876-1951). GA d’ASSONVILLE died on 13 January 1929 in Brand fort, Orange Free State.

b2. Louisa Marguerite * 15 March 1867. She was a schoolmistress. Louise married Elias Jacobus MATTHEE. LM d’ASSONVILLE died on 3 September 1952 in Humansdorp, Cape Province

b3. Maria Catharina * 10 July 1868. Maria married Hercules Morkel du PLESSIS (1871-1942) on 27 December 1893. Hercules was a fruit and vegetable farmer. Maria assisted with the farming. He was the son of JH du PLESSIS and MHC TERBLANCHE. MC d’ASSONVILLE died in Humansdorp on 20 June 1948

b4. Amand Fidele Constance * 21 July 1870. He was a popular businessman. Amand married firstly Hester Anna de BRUYN and the Margaretha Alberta du PREEZ. AFC d‘ASSONVILLE died on 12 August 1960 in Kareedouw, Cape Province.

b5. Henri Emile * 20 June 1873. He was an excellent cartwright. Henri married firstly Mary Anne GREEFF and the Anna Engela Jacoba du PREEZ. His second wife and Amand his brother’s second wife were sisters. HE d’ASSONVILLE died on 20 July 1921 in Grahamstown. Cape Province .

b6. Victor Edward * 17 February 1875. He was a livestock and vegetable farmer, as well as a grocery store owner. Victor married Jacoba Dorothea Christina GROVé (1875-1901) and then after her death her sister Martha Catharina GROVé (1886-1934) The sister’s parents were R GROVé and AF ROETS. VE d’ASSONVILLE died on 21 May 1953 in Kareedouw, Cape Province.

b7. Jules Albert Salomon * 1 July 1876. He was a well-known photographist. Jules married Elizabeth Francina du PREEZ. Elizabeth was the sister of both of her brothers Amand and Henri’s second wife’s. JAS d’ASSONVILLE died on 30 May 1940 in Humansdorp, Cape Province.

b8. Constance Malvina * 27 August 1878. Constance (named after her grandmother on the d’ASSONVILLE side) married Gert Petrus van ROOYEN. Gert was a merchant and Constance helped him in his ventures. The couple moved to Port Elizabeth and Constance died there on 6 September 1976.

Henri this South African Belgium ancestor and progenitor died on 25 September 1909 in Kareedouw.



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