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CLAASEN Cornelis

Cornelis CLAASEN was also known as Kees de Boer. His descendants used the surname CORNELIS/Z. He was from Utrecht and arrived at the Cape before 1657. He married at Cape Town 15 March 1676 Catharina VAN MALABAR, she was also known as VAN BENGALE. She was also known as Catrijn. She would have been born c1650. She was baptised as an adult on 29 October 1673. She remarried as Catarina van de Cust Coromandel to Andries VOORMEESTER on 31 July 1688.

He had an earlier affair with the slave Isabella van Angola in 1661 and he had a child with her. On 25 March 1661 two company officials, Claus Lambertsz van Aelsmeer and Gerrit Gerrits van Elburgh, testified that Cornelis Claasen told them "dat het kind van de slavin genaemt Ijsabelle toe behoorende en wonende bij Jan Reijniersz voor noemd dat"t zelwe sijn kint was … dat dit kint van niemand was als hem ende volgensden dat"t sijn kind was".

He was part of the Visagie farming group. He possesed the farm Uitwyk in 1659. In 1660 he obtained the farm Velthuizen with fellow farmer Dirck Meyer

Catharina van Malabar had a child, with most probably a European father, this child was known as:
*Adriaentje Cornelis baptised 13 November 1667, partner Hendrik Speldenberg, XX 9 July 1683 Pieter Gerritse (Boshouwer), XXX 12 Feb 1701 Coert Helm

*Claas baptised 6 Feb 1673
*Cornelia baptised 18 Nov 1674, X Abraham Bastiaans Pyl, XX 17 Apr 1707 Adolf van Tonderen
*Alida baptised 15 March 1676, X Heinrich Jansz Heyder (he was guilty of the murder of the Hottentot Lucifer), XX Jacobus van den Berg
*Maria baptised 23 Oct 1678, X Gerrit Willemse, she also had a relationship with Isaac Pietersz van de Caab
*Barend baptised 29 Sep 1679
*Hendrik baptised 26 Dec 1681
*Catharina baptised 5 November 1684

Maria's lover Isaac Pietersz van de Caab had a fight with Voormeester and threw Voormeester in the fire because he would not give him wine.

The females became the stammoeders of Bezuidenhout, Bronkhorst, Franke, Gerrits, Kemp, Pyl, Rigt, Willemse, and van Locherenberg.

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AM van Rensburg

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