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Surnames A to C

BAILEY Arthur Aubrey

ARTHUR AUBREY BAILEY * 13th November 1873 Parish of Eastington, Stroup,
Gloucestershire UK. [He was the 4th of 7 children of HENRY BAILEY *Wheatenhurst Gloucestershire UK 1841 † June 1888 aged almost 48yrs x 1865 Gloucestershire UK LOUISA COLE* Mitchum Surrey 1844].
:He is no relation of any other Baileys in South Africa.
He attested at Reading Berkshire 4th December 1892 with the Royal Berkshire Regiment aged 18yrs.
Drafted to SA Service. Aboard 9 yrs 173 days Nº 3618 Medals and Decorations for Service: Queens Medal Clasp 3; Cape Colony of State King Clasp 2- 1901 and 1902; 3rd October 1903
After WW1 Arthur remains in South Africa and marries a local girl.
x December 1916 Cape Town MARIA CLOETE *10th December 1894 Bredasdorp

b1 MINNIE LILIA BAILEY *7th October 1917 Cape Town
b2 WALTER ARTHUR BAILEY *10th May 1920 Bredasdorp Cape
b3 EDWARD DOUGLAS BAILEY *22nd January 1923 Cape Town
b4 HERBERT HENRY BAILEY* 10th December 1925 Cape Town

b2 WALTER ARTHUR BAILEY [BILL] *Monday 10th May 1920 Bredasdorp Cape. Eldest son.

Gunner aged 18 yrs attested Cape Town Castle 1939 Nº 13465 for the
Cape Town Field Artillery .
Service North Africa 4yrs; SA 2yrs;

x 30th December 1943 Cape Town HAZEL EVELYN BELL * 1st October 1927 Cape Town. † 2010 Cape Town 

Researched and compiled by:
Annatjie Tiran 2014

Source: b2 WALTER ARTHUR BAILEY *10th May 1920 Bredasdorp Cape

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