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BALASKAS, Nicholas

Nicholas was an immigrant from Greece to South Africa. He was born in 1864, in Galaxidi, Phocis, Greece to Constantine and Asema. The surname means: “In charge of the allocation”. He married Garaphala CHASAPE. (* 1878) in Greece. He arrived in South Africa in 1909 and settled in Kimberley, Cape Province. He was the owner of the first restaurant in Kimberley.

Nicholas and Garaphala had the following children:

b1 John Nicholas *27 November 1900 in Greece, X Cyprus born Athena PAPACHARALAMBOU (* 1908). Athena was the daughter of Papachristodoulos and Maria. John was a medical doctor who studied at the University of Glasgow, before returning to South Africa. He died in 1971, while still practising Medicine, three years after Athena.

b2 Asema *7 May 1908. She married a gentleman with the surname GALLAGHER

b3 Xenophon Constantine *15 October 1910, in Kimberley, Cape Province, South Africa, X Lulu POULUS . He was known as “Xen” or “Bally”. He qualified as a pharmacist. He was a first class all-round cricket player. (Leg spinner and middle order batsman). He later divorced Lulu, He died on 12 May 1994.

Xenophon’s and Lulu's children together with the Halamandres family became involved in the restaurant business "Steers" and they were the forerunners of what is today called “Spur”. (A franchise of restaurants, primarily in Southern Africa)

Nicholas, the South African Progenitor and Greek ancestor, died on 13 March 1935, in Cape Town, South Africa. Garaphala died four years later in Kimberley on 26 April 1939, staying close to her son Xenophon.

• National Archives
• Literature on the Greek influence in the food industry in South Africa.

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