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BLOEMHOF Botte Jacob Tjipke

Botte Jacob Tjipke BLOEMHOF was born on 23-07-1903 in Den Haag, son of Tjipke Bloemhof and Korneliske Olivier. Botte died 1970. Botte married Jitsche VEENSTRA * 27-08-1907. Jitsche is a daughter of Geert Wietzes Veenstra and Minke Melles Pool. Jitsche died 1982.

'De heer B.J.Tj. Bloemhof gaat naar Zuid-Afrika in 1947 en heeft zijn rijwielzaak in Duurswoude verkocht. Hij was tevens veeverloskundige.'

Children of Botte and Jitsche:

1 Corrie Bloemhof
2 Geert Bloemhof
3 Geert Bloemhof
4 Minke Bloemhof Minke died.
5 Janke Bloemhof
6 Jacob Bloemhof Jacob died.
7 Tjipke Bloemhof, born on 23-07-1929.

1.7 Tjipke Bloemhof was born on 23-07-1929, Duurswoude, Holland, son of Botte Jacob Tjipke Bloemhof and Jitsche Veenstra. Tjipke died 1985. Tjipke married Maria Magdalena Peltser * 24-02-1932, Pretoria West Geref Church, 13.01.1951.Their marriage ended in divorce 1980.

8. Korneliske Minke Bloemhof born c.1933, Duurswoude, Holland, married 14.03.1953 Pretoria West Geref Church, Jacobus Johannes Alwyn Francois TEESSEN.
9. Menke Bloemhof born c.1934, Duurswoude, Holland, married 14.02.1953 Pretoria Marriage Court, Willem Jacobus BOTHA.

Compiled and submitted by:

Els Thuis.
The Netherlands.

Additional data by:

Annelie Els.
Family Search.


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