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BLOM Barend Pieterse

Stamvader Barend Pieterse BLOM came to South Africa from Wegenau. In 1707 we find him living on the farm 'Groendal' now in the Wellington district. In 1691 he married Catharina de BERAULT who was baptised on 5 November 1684 daughter of stamvader Louis de Berault from France and Catharina van de Kaap. The couple had three children:

b1 Agatha baptised 20 November 1695 Kaapstad, X 19 November 1713 Lucas Meyer
b2 Pier Barend baptised 29 April 1699, X Maria Jacobs
b3 Geertruy, X Pieter Booyens

He received the farm Groendal on 28 Feb 1699.

Some published sources wrongly gives her baptism as 5 November 1784. This baptism entry was that of Catharina daughter of Kees de Boer also known Cornelis Claesz from Utrecht.

de Villiers and Pama, Genealogies of old S A Families
JA Heese and RTJ Lombard, South African Genealogies
JG le Roux en WG le Roux Bovlei in Ons Drakensteinse Erfgrond

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Mark Barker
AM van Rensburg

NOTE: added by Demornay du Toit, 3 February 2009

There are errors in this entry:

"Catharina de Berault", baptised on 5th November 1684, supposedly the daughter of Louis de Berault and Catharina van de Kaap, and said to have married Barend Pieterse Blom, is the subject of this baptism entry:

eodem dito (5 November 1684)
{De name der gedoopen} Catharina
{de ouders} [Kees] de Bo[e]r en Catharina
{de getuigen} Marytie van Juffr. Beroo 

The above is from the eGSSA transcription of Cape Town Baptisms for 1665-1695. The original had the details across the page in columns which were transcribed vertically and I have added the headings in braces for clarity.  The entry refers to Catharina Cornelisz, daughter of Cornelis Claesz of Utrecht, aka Kees de Boer, the very same Catharina referred to at the end of the Barend Pieterse Blom entry, where it states that some sources give her baptism date as 5 November 1784 and explains that this refers to the daughter of Kees de Boer.  However, Kees de Boer married Catharina van Bengalen / Malabar / De Cust Coromandel on 15th March 1676 - "Den 15 Dito (Maart 1676) Cornelis Claasz van Uytregt vrijborger en Catharina van Malbaar" (Cape Town Marriages 1665-1695; eGSSA transcription) - and could not have fathered a daughter baptised more than a century later. 

There is an article by Mansell Upham ("The Soetkoek Syndrome", written in 2001 and reproduced in a posting in the RootsWeb BUITENPOSTEN mailing list in February 2005), in which he concludes that the wife of Barend Pieterse Blom was one Catharina de Beer, origin unknown, and not a daughter of Louis de Berault and Catharina van de Kaap.  The article explains in some detail how a "mythology" developed around the subject, but there is a simple alternative to disprove Louis de Berault's connection with Catharina "de Berault": Catharina was baptised in Cape Town in November 1684, and Louis de Berault did not arrive at the Cape until nearly four years later, on the Zuid-Beveland on 19th August 1688, along with his sister Anne and her husband Rev Paul Simond (I cannot find a primary source for this - perhaps someone can oblige - but I do not believe it is disputed). 

Additional data:

Death of Barend Pieterse BLOM 22 July 1760; Drakenstein.(entry no 19)

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