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WIESE Benjamin

Benjamin WIESE, assistant in service of the Dutch East India Company, born 1689, Amsterdam, baptized 1689, Amsterdam, Lutherse Kerken, parents: Benjamin Wiese and Anna Jansen van der Linde.

When he made his will on the 6th of May 1713, he was lying sick in bed, presumably with the smallpox then beginning to ravage the Cape, though he obviously survived the illness. He left money to the poor of the Lutheran congregation in Amsterdam and to those of the Gereformeerde congregation at the Cape. His heir was to be his father but if he died first, Catharina Greef Matthijsdogter, or if she died first, Fredrik Delits.

On 14 February 1714, at Cape Town, he married Hester MOSTERT (born 1690), the widow of Izak KAF who was presumably not so lucky in the small pox epidemic, having died in 1713 after just a year of marriage. In the muster rolls of 1714 they are living in the Cape district.

In August 1716 he was one of the four suppliers of Cape wine for one year. This was by tender and he paid 7300 guldens for this business opportunity.
(Resolutions of the Council of Policy of Cape of Good Hope, Maandagh adie ulto. Augustus 1716, C. 39, pp. 18-21. TANAP)

In March 1718 he requested permission to return to the Netherlands in one of the present ships of the return fleet now lying in the bay, since he could not find work to support himself and, his father having died recently in the Netherlands, he wished to look after his estate. Permission was granted.
(Resolutions of the Council of Policy of Cape of Good Hope, Dingsdagh den 8e Maart 1718, C. 45, pp. 55-61. TANAP).

He presumably went, since in the muster rolls taken at the end of April 1718 Hester Mostert, wife of Benjamin Wiese is listed on her own living in the Cape District.

The children of the couple, Pieter Wiese and Johannes Benjamin Wiese are listed as wards of the Weeskamer in January 1727, Pieter with f.309 and Joahnes with f.311
(Cape Archives, MOOC 18/4, page 19)

Children of Benjamin WIESE and Hester MOSTERT:

b1. Johannes Benjamin WIESE, baptized 9 June 1715, Cape Town

b2. Hendrik Diederik WIESE, baptized 8 November 1716, Cape Town

b3. Pieter WIESE, baptized 6 March 1718, Cape Town, died circa January 1780
     married 23 October 1740 at Stellenbosch, Margaretha Swart (1724-1791), of the farm Sonquasdoordrift, district Drakenstein

     in 1740 he was a sailor in the service of the VOC.

    I am not sure what the significance of the following is. The child was 7 years old at the time:

Der landbouwer Ernst Mostert versogt aan 't Collegie dat hij
sijn susters kind Pieter Wiese voor jonge uijt 't vaderland hier
aangelant uijt dienst van d'E.Comp: mogt ligten, dog
dat sijn transport uijt sijn grootmoeders erfportie hier be,
rustenede mogt voldaan werden, 't welke vermits de vrugten
van die erfportie sijn ouders toekomen en gevolgliljk 't ca,
pitaal niet hem vermindert werden hem is afgeslagen.
(Weeskamer Notule Boek, MOOC 1/4, 21 April 1725, page 18)

The farmer Ernst Mostert requests the [Collegie] that he may
remove his sister's child, Pieter Wiese, landed here as a 'jonge',
from the service of the Company, yet that his transport cost
should be paid from his grandmother's inheritance portion here
pending, the which, because the profits of the inheritance are due
to his parents, consequently the capital should not be lessend by
him, and his request is refused.

b4. Elisabeth WIESE, baptized 10 September 1728, Amsterdam, Lutherse Kerk 


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Contributed by: Richard Ball
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