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The Rajah VAN TAMBORA was exiled to the Cape by a resolution of the East Indies in Batavia on 13 August 1697, for rebelling against the Dutch and plotting against the King of Dompo and arranging the queens murder. He was also known as Abdul Radja, ex-king of Tambora, Albubasi Sultan, Abdul Basi Sultania.

Donald Tick has him as the son who succeeded his father, Raja Jamaluddin,who died in 1687, namely Nilaauddin Abdul Basyir 1687-deposed 1701, captured in 1697, exiled to South Africa.

From 1697 (better 1701) until his deposal in ca. 1716 a certain Damala Daeng Mamongon alias Djamaluddin was ruling over Tambora. He was born 1662. His father Bumisoro(Kraeng Popo)was the last Governor of Sumbawa for the Sultan of Gowa (Sw-Sulawesi),who was the grandson of a certain Karaeng Pattingallowang.
From 1716-1726(died) the brother of the exiled Raja of Tambora ;Abdul Azziz or Abdul Djalil;was Raja. (his brother was Abdul Wahab.

According to Valentijn, Beschryvinge I, 150 / 152, "Hy was hier om syn quade bedryven op Bima gebannen. En sy hem uit liefde gevolgt."

Tambora is on the North East part of the island of Soembawa in Indonesia (just east of the island of Lombok). He was sentenced to serve in chains. However the Cape authorities let him stay at the company gardens at "Rustenburg", or with the other Macassarian exiles at the stables. Later he was kept at "Vergelegen".

He attempted to have himself returned to the East and to be reinstated into his position as a rajah but all his attempts failed. He died in the Cape in 1719.

His name was Albubasi Sultan and his wife was Zytia Sara Marouff she was the daughter of Sheik Jussuf, they were of the Islamic faith. Zytia was born 1679.

After her husband died she requested that she and her children would be returned to the East, but it was refused, the children is mentioned by name and age. She also then gives her name as Care Sals.

The children all became Christians and included is their new names:
b1 Ibraim Adahan born 1699 , Abraham Addehan baptised 2 Nov 1721, X 20 Sep 1722 Helena Valentyn (daughter of free black Hercules Valentyn and Cecelia van Bengal)
b2 Sitina Asia born 1703, Maria Dorothea Sultania baptised 22 Dec 1726, X 30 Jan 1729 Christiaan Carel van den Bosch (he was executed by a fring squad for raping the ten year old Johanna Pelser in 1735), XX 15 Oct 1741 Harmen Rouwers
b3 Mochamat Aserk born 1711, Isaak Sultania baptised 7 April 1746, X 31 Oct 1734 Amelia Carelse van de Kaap (her parents were most probably Carel van Bengal and Adriana van de Kust)
b4 Mochamat Dayan born 1713, David Sultania baptised 18 Dec 1739, X 3 Jul 1740 Maria Jordaan (widow of Johannes Pretorius, she was the daughter of Pierre Jordaan and Anna Fouche)
b5 Mochamat Asim born 1716

It has been claimed that Piet Retief was a descendant of the Rajah van Tambora

There is a connection with the Retief family but it appears that there has been a confusion with two Francois RETIEF"s.

1. Francois RETIEF (the eldest brother of Piet Retief) his genealogical numbering is:
b4c7d1 Francois Retief (eldest brother of Piet Retief)

2. Francois Johannes Retief, it appears that some people have confused him with the above person. This Francois Johannes Retief has a connection with the Rajah van Tamborah. Francois Johannes Retief"s genealogical information and connection with the Rajah is as follows:
b6c4 Francois Johannes, ~ 13 May 1753, xx 4 July 1802 Christina Alesia Butger.
This Christina Alesia Butger was the child of Johann Anthon Adolph Butger en Maria Magdalena Addehan (known as de Haan).
Maria Magaldena Addehan"s parents were Abraham Addehan and Helena Valentyn.
Ibraim Addehan was the son of the Rajah van Tambora and his wife Zytia Sara Marouff

J Hoge, "The Family of the Rajah of Tambora at the Cape" Africana Notes and News, vol IX, No 1, Dec 1951.
Thanks to Prof Robert Shell who gave me some leads for this research
H F Heese, "Slawegesinne in die Wes-Kaap, 1665-1795": KRONOS, 1981: 40 Deel 4, bladsy 40
Personal correspondence with Donald Tick

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