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Surnames V to Z

WITTSTOCK Christian Friedrich Wilhelm

Christian *22 July 1807 in Zerrenthin, Vorpommern-Greifswald, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. His parents were Christoph Friedrich (1780-1848) and Sophia (Née HORNSBURG) (1771-1843).
He X Maria Christine BLUHM on 15 August 1830 in Schmarsow, Vorpommern-Greifswald, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.
Maria *1810 in Triglitz, Landkreis Prignitz, Brandenburg. He arrived on the ship the “San Francisco” (from Hamborg, Germany) on 15 May 1861 at age 54 in South Africa with his nine surviving children and Maria. He was a crop and livestock farmer. He settled in Breibach, which was a part of King William's Town. Breibach was a town established in 1857 by the British German Legion. Some of his children move to Frankfurt (close to King William’s Town), a similar town established by the British German Legion.

Christian and Maria had the following children:

b1 Caroline Wilhelmina Friedricke *29 November 1831 in Mertensdorf, Triglitz, Landkreis Prignitz, Brandenburg, Germany, †6 September 1899(old age) in Breidbach. Caroline X on 26 October 1863 in King William’s Town, Esau Gustav August SCHUH *23 June 1811 in Wernstadt, Böhmen, Österreich-Ungarn, † 23 August 1881 in Breidbach.

b2 Christian Friedrich Wilhelm *13 February 1833 in Mertensdorf, † 19 December, 1913(Heart disease) in Frankfort. Christian was a cattle farmer. Christian X in 1858 in Hamborg, Germany, Caroline Wilhelmine GRALOW *19 July 1832 in Mertensdorf, † 13 October 1917 (Dementia} in Frankfort.

b3 Johan Carl Friedrich *22 October 1834 in Schmarsow, † 9 May 1878 in King William's Town. (diabetes) He was a crop farmer. Johan X in 1867, Maria Dorothea FREITAG *9 October 1848 in Brandenburg, Germany, † 16 July 1939 in East London, Cape Province, South Africa.

b4 Auguste Friederike Christine *6 September 1836 in Zerrenthin, † 29 August 1918(Dementia} in Frankfort, ? Frankfurt, Rural (Farm Cemeteries), German Cemetery. Auguste X 1863 in King William’s Town, Michael Frederich SCHULZ ( a farmer) *12 December 1832 in Zerrenthin, † 15 July 1900 in Frankfort.

b5 August Ferdinand * 22 April 1838 in Triglitz, †26 November 1914(Heart failure) in Frankfort. He was a crop farmer.
August X 1866 in Frankfurt, Maria SCHMIDT *9 August 1850 in Fahrenwalde, Vorpommern-Greifswald, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany, † 7 November 1920 in Frankfort. 

b6 Martin Gottlieb *18 August 1840 in Zerrenthin, †11 February 1915(Lung Cancer) in Breidbach.
Martin X Anna BODATSH, XX in 1873 Johanne Louise SCHöNKNECHT *23 August 1850 in Tittmoning, Landkreis Traunstein, Region Rupertiwinkel, Bayern, Germany, † 23 January 1932 in King William's Town. Martin was a metal worker.
One of the descendants of his second marriage is Princess Charlene Lynette GRIMALDI, the current Princess of Monaco and wife of Prince Albert II (Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre GRIMALDI) the Prince of Monaco.

b7 Charlotte Louisa * 4 May 1842 in Zerrenthin, †21 May 1909) in Stutterheim, Cape Province, South Africa (Heart valve disease).
Charlotte X in 1867, Karl August SCHWARZ * 2 April 1843 in Maldewin, Germany, † 23 February 1899 in Stutterheim.

b8 Heinrich Ludwig *30 July 1844 in Zerrenthin, †4 June 1913(cancer)in Frankfurt. He was a cattle farmer.
Heinrich X in 1868, Louise Wilhelmina Dorothea BURMEISTER *5 July 1852 Ahrenschute, Ahrenschulter, Germany, † 2 July 1912 in King William's Town.

b9 Gottfried * 20 October 1846 in Zerrenthin, † 7 November, 1846(influenza) in Zerrenthin. He died before his parents moved to South Africa

b10 Maria Dorothea *8 November 1847 in Zerrenthin, † 15 January 1850 (influenza) in Zerrenthin. She died before his parents moved to South Africa.

b11 Wilhelmine Karoline * 19 December 1849 in Zerrenthin, † 5 February 1853(influenza) in Zerrenthin. She died before her parents moved to South Africa.

b12 Maria Christine * 8 February 1852 in Zerrenthin, † 16 February 1853 (influenza Zerrenthin. She died before his parents moved to South Africa.

b13 Carl Friedrich *8 October 1855 in Carlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, † 13 March 1910(heart attack) in Breidach. He was a cattle farmer
Carl X in 1875, Elizabeth SUPRA *1857 in Wien, Austria, † 22 January 1934 in East London.

Christian † 1 August 1893 (heart attack) in Breidbach and his wife Maria † 25 December 1896 (old age) in King William's Town.

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