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JEAN JOSEPH TIRAN * 26.05.1811 Chorges-Hautes Alpes France. Occupation General dealer, † 28th March 1867, Residence in Riversdale. Ω in Riversdale.

The story handed down from generation to generation that Jean Joseph & a brother were in the garrison on St. Helena where Napoleon was banned is just a story. They were still young boys at the time of Napoleon's death. Jean Joseph may have come to South Africa about 1835. When he handed in memorials for Burghership it is mentioned that he had been in the country for more than 5 years.

Jean Joseph's brother's [André August] two sons Camille and Jean Pierre arrived in SA about 1851. Although the story passed down in the other French Families [Chézé, Leygonie, Deschamps, D"Assonville, Coutts etc] is that they were French soldiers who absconded from the army, we have to date found no proof that the Tiran brothers travelled with Chézé and Leygonie who arrived in the Port of London on 15th September 1851

Jean Joseph settled in Cape Town where he met and married Maria

x 16th March 1842, in Lutheran church Cape Town by Special Licence, MARIA JOHANNA CLEMENT *21st May 1820, Cape Town, [d/o RENÉ JULIEN CLEMENT * 20th March 1792 Sergrie, France and † 13th November 1861 and MARIA PETRONELLA JACOBSEN * 28th September 1788 †4th February 1830] occupation gentlewoman, She †2nd April 1894, 77 Hope Street Cape Town [near the present Archives in Cape Town]. [Her father wrote his surname as JACOBZSE. ]

MARIA: Her maternal great grandmother was a Cape slave- ROSINA.

b1. JULIEN JEAN JOSEPH TIRAN *1844, Cape Town, occupation Attorney & Notary, †19th January 1884, in residence in Church street, Oudtshoorn. only 40 when he died he was very ill. He was an attorney in Ladismith in 1876 and later attorney in Oudtshoorn.
x 13th September 1865, in Court Licence Cape Town, ANNA SUSANNA TRUTER, *14th September 1841, Campground, Wynberg, *14th November 1841, Wynberg, [d/o JOHANNES ANDREAS TRUTER *1817 Cape Town † 4th November 1896 and ANNA JOHANNA ANDREA LIND *16th April 1812 † 31st May 1888] †9th January 1923, Ω in Humansdorp Cemetery ,Cape.

ANNA: She was the great granddaughter of Johannes Andreas Truter [Sir John Truter- }]. ANNA was one of 9 children. Her great grandfather was the first South African to receive a family crest from London College of Arms in 1837 as their original was lost.

Julien and Anna had 11 children of whom only 7 survived into adulthood.

b2. MARIA HORTENSE TIRAN *c. 19th November 1849, Cape Town, † 01st March 1863 in Riversdale aged 13yrs 3mnths 12 days. Ω Riversdale

a2 JEAN JOSEPH TIRAN's brother ANDRÉ AUGUSTE TIRAN *15th March 1807, Chorges -Hautes Alpes- France.†24th April 1864, France. Spelt "TYRAN" on marriage certificate . Owner and farmer in Chorges
x 26th January 1831, in France, MARIE THERESA REY, *16th May 1811, Chorges France, [d/o JEAN FRANÇOIS REY (member of the Municipal council) and CATHERINE REYNAUD who † about 1843, Chorges France]. ..may have come to SA but did not settle here.

His 2 sons CAMILLE FREDERICK TIRAN *1835 [his 3rd child] and JEAN PIERRE TIRAN *22nd June 1840 [4th child] came to South Africa after 1851] and settled here. It is generally thought that they and Chéze, Leygonie came to SA together but no evidence ha been found to date. Ettienne Chéze and Jean Ferdinand Leygonie arrived in the port of England on 15th September 1851 from where they would have departed for SA.

b1 CAMILLE FREDERICK TIRAN *1835, Chorges France, † after 1895.
x 1866, SUSANNA ELIZABETH KEYTER, *31st December 1848, Kruisrivier district, Oudtshoorn, 29th April 1849, [d/o JOSEPHUS JOHANNES KEYTER
≈2nd August 1816 † 8th October 1856 Ω Kerk str. Oudtshoorn aged 38yrs 2mnths 25days, and SARAH PETRONELLA DU PLESSIS ] † 25th January 1875 ,
Krakeelriver Lower Langkloof. General dealer when he remarried.
xx 17th January 1876, in George NG Church, MARIA CATHARINA DANNHAUSER, *13th December 1833, France, 31st March 1834, George, NG Church George.[d/o CORNELIS JOHANNES JACOB DANNHAUSER *21st November 1805 and RACHELINA RAUTENBACH * 30th April 1805]

MARIA: was first married to Rademeyer 11.03.1850 had 9 children/ 5 were still minors when she married Camille. She is also grandmother of Maria C Rademeyer *1886 who married JP TIRAN

b2 JEAN PIERRE TIRAN *22nd June 1840, Chorges France, occupation Shopkeeper, † 05th November 1881, at residence in Oudtshoorn, Ω Old Kerkstr Cemetery Oudtshoorn. He was a Roman Catholic as were his ancestors . Church register notes says † as 03rd Nov. x date unknown, HERMINA CATHERINA KEYTER, *17.09.1844 [NG church register], Graaf Reinet., [d/o JOSEPHUS JOHANNES KEYTER ≈2nd August 1816 † 8th October 1856 and SARAH PETRONELLA DU PLESSIS ] † 02nd April 1878 in their residence Oudtshoorn. Ω Old Kerk Str. Cemetery Oudtshoorn.

Jean Pierre was gored by bull. He was a retired shopkeeper in Oudtshoorn. Jean Pierre moved from Humansdorp and settled at Krakeel.

HERMINA: She was the sister of Camille's first wife Susanna Elizabeth Keyter. Same mother -DU PLESSIS line. She was only 33 yrs. old when she died leaving 7 young children. Her Stamvader was Anton Keyter [KEUTER] * 22/5/1769 van Paderborn. He was a sailor and shoemaker from Banhoek, Stellenbosch x Maria Jacomina van der Westhuizen


Birth Registration from Dominique Leygonie from France 2005.
Ref 20-Notorial contract/Will CT 14/3/1842 for £500 being her dowry. DN KAB MOOC 6/9/119 ref 3459.KAB CO 4035 ref 42 Memorial for Burgerskap/Ref 18/19/20 dated 22/07/1847. Codicil to will filed 3/5/1867. KAB MOOC 7/1/291 ref 18 Last Will filed 06/10/1859, 
From a letter dated 1854 it seems that JEAN JOSEPH was friends with FERDINAND LEYGONIE and ANDRÉ SOUBYROU x Maria's sister Hortense.[Baker by trade]
Proof of their arrival certificate from Dominique Leygonie.
KAB MOOC 13/1/961 Ref 192/193;Geslagregister van Ou Kaapse families p 588; See Family tree- Clement & Rosina: WILL of Maria MOOC 7/1/110 Ref 75]
DN KAB MOOC 6/9/327 Ref 753. Vol 4 [1834-1918];Lutheran Church Marriages 1842
SAG Vol 4 p27 spells his name as JACOBS. 
DN KAB MOOC 6/9/207 Ref 8291 filed 7 April 1884- MOOC 6/9/327 gives date incorrectly as 1886/Marriage Certificate 2316 KAB CO 4580 ref p4.
Margaret Truter March 2006
Francois.Copy of Marriage Certificate/ occupation from Testament.
Will: MOOC 7/1/343 Ref 5 1874/Marriage Certificate 378 KAB CO4586 ref 411.
Documentation from Dominique Leygonie
Will: MOOC 7/1/343 Ref 5 1874/Marriage Certificate 378 KAB CO4586 ref 411.
DN MOOC 6/9/150 ref 1349 filed 2/3/1875 and DN MOOC 13/1/317 ref 94
Progenitor Georg Friedrich Dannhauser * 1767 arrived 1787 from Rastatt Germany. Owner of Botteliersfontein † Swellendam 28.10.1830 SAG Vol 2 p24 x 18.11.1792 Johanna Catharina Britz * May 1772
See RADEMEYER Family tree.
Charles P.du P. TIRAN's letter/ Info on Assegaaibos/Grave info from Francois and Vic Olivier-PE/1878 Voters' roll p14 entry 184 resident of Oudtshoorn DN - MOOC 6/9/183 ref 2850. CSC Vol 3 2/1/1/286 ref 62
DN MOOC 6/9/163 ref 5188. MOOC 6/9/183 ref 2850.NG Register says *17.09.1844
See DU PLESSIS ancestry

Researched and compiled by:

Annatjie Tiran 2014


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