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Willem (Jan) TEERLING was an Englishman. He appears in the Cape records as early as 1677 when he was asked to help protect the company cattle from the indigenous enemy. In an emergency the burghers had to bring all their stock to the "ruijterstal" for protection by Teerling and others who were appointed.

Teerling was accused by Louis van Bengale in 1689 of having had an affair with his slave Elisabeth VAN DE KAAP, also known as Lijsbeth. Teerling was condemned to two months hard labour and had to pay a fine of 25 Rds to the fiscal. Elisabeth admitted herself in April 1689 that she was bearing a child of Teerling.

Louis van Bengale held Jan Teerling responsible for the loss of 180 whethers, for which Louis had to pay compensation. One night 25 sheep were lost being killed by a "tier", a wolf also killed a cow and calf. He was fined 450 gulden.

On 29 December 1681 he was accused of starting fires and was fined 25 Rds.

Teerling became a servant of Louis van Bengale. Then he became a servant of Anthonie van Angola. In 1687 while working for Louis van Bengale Teerling, then 56 years old, had an affair with Louis" wife Lijsbeth (She was the child of Abraham and Pladoor van Guinea). She was pregnant with the child of Teerling, this caused the separation between Louis and Lijsbeth in 1687.

In 1696 Lijsbeth was accused of stealing the jewelry of Jacob Cornelissen van Bengalen, she was branded and sentenced to work for three years in public works. She then lived with Johann Herbst. Look also had Louis van Bengale and Johann Herbst.

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