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SCHALEKAMP Maarten Adriaan


Maarten was born on 15 April 1829 at Klundert, Moerdijk, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands. He was the son of well-known Dutch Citizens, Hendrik Jacobus and Maria (Née KORTEWEG). Maarten came to South Africa after the Capetonians have “trekked” from the Cape Colony to the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek. Maarten married Anna Stoffelina MEYER (1848-1876) on 28 May 1864. Anna was the daughter of Engelbertus and Susanna (Née STRYDOM). Maarten was a famous businessman. They were Dutch Reformed religion wise. Out of this marriage were born:

b1. Maria * 31 August 1866, † 30 October 1901 at Balmoral, Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek, Ω Eenzaamheid Farm Cemetery, Balmoral, X Dutch citizen Cornelius REEK (1855-1901) on 2 November 1888. Cornelius was the son of J REEK and G HOORNS. Cornelius was an entrepreneur and Maria assisted him in his ventures.

b2 Esaias Engelbertus * 30 July 1870, † 28 August 1951 at Delmas, Transvaal due to Myocardial Infarction, Ω Delmas Cemetery, X Anna Francina LINDEQUE (1880-1918) on 19 February 1897 at Middelburg, Transvaal. Anna was the daughter of JJ LINDEQUE and AF NEL. Esias was a businessman

b3. Hendrik Jacobus * 28 February 1872, †18 April 1945, X Bregtje Sophia KRUGER(1878-1952). Bregtje was the daughter of PS KRUGER and GS de KLERK. Hendrik was well-known in the community and a merchant.

b4. Johanna Susanna * 1874, † 1987, X Gert Johannes LINDEQUE. Gert was the son of JJ LINDEQUE and AF NEL and brother of Esias (b2) wife. Gert was an exceptional administrative officer, and Johanna helped him in his tasks.

After Maarten’s first wifes death he married Anna Susanna MINNAAR (1854-1944). She was the daughter of Philippus and Maria (Née BRONKHORST) Out of this marriage was born:

b5. Maria Jacoba * 2 August 1881, Kalkoenkransrivier, Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek, 3 July 1972, Pretoria Transvaal, X 26 September 1899, Pretoria, Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek Dutch citizen Jan Hendrik Gysbertus KOELMAN(1872-1938), Jan was the son of HW KOELMAN and EA GOOSENS. Maria divorced him, XX Harm OOST (1877-1964). Maria was apparently good in administration.

b6. Anna Susanna * 29 August 1899, Kalkoenkransrivier, Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek, † 12 December 1974, X Willem MENNEGA in Pretoria Transvaal on 14 May 1910. Anna assisted her husband in his ventures 

Maarten died on 7June 1917 in Kalkoenkransrivier, Transvaal and was buried in Pretoria. Today (2013) it’s the 6th generation of Schalekamp’s that live in South Africa

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