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SPOELSTRA Bauke Tjibbe

Bauke Tjibbe was born on 10 Jan 1871 in Garyp. He died in 1947 in Sannieshof.

Bauke married Gerbreg Henriëtte Alida LUB  daughter of Pieter JACOBZOON LUB and Sophia Eleonora STERINGA. Gerbreg was born about 17 Aug 1871 in Garyp, Netherland. She died on 17 Apr 1950 in Potchefstroom Hospital, Transvaal.

Garyp is a small village in Tytsjerksteradiel in the province Friesland of the Netherlands and has around the 1900 citizens.

Tytsjerksteradiel is a muncipality in the northern Netherlands. It is named after the town of Tytsjerk, whose name is derived from a person named Tiete. Tiete was a daughter of Tryn, after whom the region (Trynwâlden) is named. The other villages in Trynwâlden are also named after Tryn's children:
Oentsjerk (Oene), Gytsjerk (Giete), Readtsjerk (Reade), Aldtsjerk (Âlde), Ryptsjerk (Rype). A statue of Tryn and her children is placed in Oentsjerk next to the mainroad (Rengerswei). Tsjerk is the West Frisian word for Church (building) Until 1989 the official name of the municipality was Tietjerksteradeel the Dutch name; the current official name is West Frisian. The largest village in the municipality is Burgum.

Bauke and Gerbreg had the following children: 

 b1. Maria Jacoba was born on 10 Jan 1897. She died in 1977. Maria married Johannes Petrus FOURIE  son of Pieter Jacobus FOURIE and Margaretha Elizabeth Jacoba Fredrika BARNARD on 20 Dec 1928 in Lichtenburg, Transvaal. Johannes was born about 04 Aug 1896. He died on 04 Jul 1941 at 258 Zandfontein, dist., Waterberg, Transvaal.

b2. Tetje Petronella Eleonora was born on 16 Nov 1898 in Nykerck, Holland. She died on 02 Apr 1941 in Britstown, Cape Province.  The cause of death was Typhoid Fever. Tetje married Willem Benjamin Bosch MENTZ  on 03 Jan 1932. Willem was born on 10 Oct 1902. He died on 23 Sep 1954.  

b3. Tjibbe Thomas was born on 13 Apr 1900. He was christened on 26 Nov 1901 in Lichtenburg Geref Church, Transvaal. He died on 28 Sep 1987. Tjibbe married Hester Sophia VAN DER WALT  daughter of Hendrik Willem VAN DER WALT and Susanna Aletta Sophia Johanna BEKKER on 15 Jan 1925. Hester was born on 09 May 1904. She died 1958.  

b4. Pieter Cornelis Johan was born about 15 Jul 1902. He died on 15 Nov 1950 in General Hospital Pretoria, Transvaal. Pieter married Martha Levina SCHOLTZ  on 20 Dec 1941 in Benoni, Transvaal. Martha was born on 15 Sep 1921. 

b5. Sophia Eleonora was born on 29 Sep 1904. She died on 28 Nov 1960. Sophia married George Frederik ROBBERTSE  on 19 Dec 1930. George was born on 24 May 1901. He died on 26 Jun 1983.

b6. Thomas Nicolaas was born on 17 Jul 1906. He was christened  on 17 Feb 1907 in Lichtenburg Geref Church, Transvaal. He died in 1987. Thomas married Susanna Jacoba COETZEE  on 07 Jan 1935. Susanna was born on 18 Feb 1907.

b7. Cornelia Johanna was born on 16 Jan 1909.

b8. Bauke was born on 11 Oct 1910 in Biesiesvlei, Northern Cape Province. He died on 13 Jan 1974 in Dwaalkraal, dist., Delareyville, Northern Cape Province. Bauke married  Margarietha Johanna VENTER  daughter of Andries Petrus Gerbrand VENTER and Maria Magdalena VENTER on 14 Dec 1937 in Potchefstroom Geref Church, Transvaal.

b9. Jacob was born on 31 Oct 1912. He was christened on 26 Jan 1913 in Lichtenburg Geref Church, Transvaal. He died on 09 Mar 1969. Jacob married Martha Magdalena - Janse VAN RENSBURG  daughter of Hermanus Izak Johannes - Janse VAN RENSBURG and Hilletje Lavina BOSHOFF on 03 Jan 1937 in Heilbron, OFS. Martha was born on 09 Apr 1913. 

Spoelstra: - Granddaughters: Maria Magdalena [Theron] and Gerbreg Henrietta Alida [de Villiers].
Venter:- Prof. B.J. Venter.

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