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Surnames R to U


Henricus (Henry also called Harry) SPENDIFF * North Shields Northumberland, England 17.07.1882 Baptised St Cuthberts 13.08.1882 + Market Buildings, Fordsburg, Johannesburg 14.03.1922 # Brixton, Johannesburg begraafplaas. Miner who lived at 17 Mentz Street Booysens Johannesburg. He was one of the two main activists, and together with Percy Fisher responsible for the 1922 Rand Revolt. “the area was predominantly a mining one, labour relations, wages and underground conditions were of great importance and it was because of this that speakers like Percy Fisher and Harry Spendiff became prominent. Both men were communists and professional trade-unionists who formed a “Council of Action” that aimed to abolish capitalism and control industry by the workers.” The strikers in the trenches and in the urinal building surrendered, but when the market building was stormed it was found that Fisher and Spendiff had shot themselves.”  xx Johannesburg ± 1902 Amy Hilda ETHERTON * Chipping Barnet, Hertford, England 1883 Baptised 10.06.1883 + Libertas Nursing Home 28.02.1948 Sy het 48 Tenement Buidlings Fordsburg gewoon Sy het 1911 Hampstead, London gekuier met al haar kinders (do. Samuel Charles Etherton x Amy NN) 

b1. James Henry *Johannesburg 1903. + Na 1939 en voor sy ma oorlede. In 1928 met huwelik “Bar Tender” van Grand Hotel, Port Elizabeth. Later ‘n “Rivertter” x Port Elizabeth Magistraat 04.01.1928 Susan Elizabeth (Susie) DU PLESSIS *Stellenbosch 1910 Boek houer van Boot Fabriek Sy het 23 Southstraat Port Elizabeth gewoon ten tye van die huwelik  ÷ TvL 1939 

b2. Arthur Charles * Rietfontein, Germiston 1906 + Oos London hospitaal   06.04.1939 (Boedel TAB 1899/1939) x Maria Elizabeth HAVENGA ÷ TvL 1935 (Sy het hertrou xx Panagiotis MICHALETOS ÷ TvL 1938) xx ± 1936 Fordsburg, Johannesburg Mary Ann SINDEN Geen kinders van die 2de huwelik nie

b3. John George SPENDIFF *Johannesburg 16.04.1909 + August 1977 »»Kinders (?) c4 x 30.03.1935 Irmgard Ingeborg PETERS * 31.03.1914 + Krugersdorp 02.06.2006

Kathleen Amy *Johannesburg 02.05.1910 + Junie 1976 (Boedel TAB 7853/1976) x Edward ROLSTONE 21.10.1913 Klerksdorp 18.08.1999 (Hy het xx 27.06.1984 Alexandra May FLOWER)

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