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NELSON, Thomas (from Nottingham)

When the ship “The Albany” left Liverpool, England in the United Kingdom on 13 February 1820, Thomas was on it as a member of the Thomas CARLTON’s party. Captain CUNNINGHAM docked the ship on 15 May 1820 in Port Elizabeth South Africa. Thomas came from Nottingham, United Kingdom, with his wife Mary Ann CORDON. This son of William NELSON and Ann PLOWRIGHT was a blue-collar worker, born 23 April 1786. His wife Mary born 4 April 1816 his son William and his daughter Mathilda Ann were with him on the ship and they all settled in Peddie, Eastern Cape South Africa. These four were therefore born in Britain. Although not the first NELSON ancestor to come to South Africa, he was one of the first British NELSON’s that settled in South Africa. The first NELSON in South Africa was Coenraad NELSON (arrived here in 1779) who came from a German Dutch line and is not related to Thomas. Thomas is therefore a Progenitor in his own right. Furthermore Thomas should not be confused with the other Thomas NELSON (Jan 1787 – 20 January 1863) that also came to South Africa from Britain in 1820. The Two Thomas’s are not directly related.

b1 William *26 November 1816 got married on 8 March 1849 to Johanna Jacomina Catherine PALMER born 1 April 1833 and she died 29 June 1924 in South Africa. She was the daughter of Gevase PALMER and Jacomina Magdalena Lottering. William died 21 March 1862.

b2 Mathilda Ann *27 January 1819 first married on 4 October 1836 to William HAYWARD born in 1814, in the United Kingdom, and died 14 June 1855 in South Africa. He was the son of James HAYWARD and Tabitha PRISTOW. She later married the son of Humphrey Burdon HORN and Grace Larkworthy, called John born in 1809, in the United Kingdom and died in February 1881. Mathilda died 25 June 1902

b3 Joseph *4 June 1823, +6 June 1885, x 13 December 1841 Rosalie Sarah MURPHY *1820

b4 Thomas *29 August 1824, +22 May 1919, x 26 February 1861 Mary Jane KINGMAN *1841 + 6 June 1919. Mary was the daughter of James KINGMAN and Elizabeth SCADDEN

b5 Benjamin *19 August 1826, +24 November 1886 – never married

b6 John Burrell *16 August 1829, +12 May 1901, x 20 February 1856 Maria HODGKINSON. Maria was the daughter of George HODGKINSON and Sarah Ann ADKINS

b7 Sarah Maria * 18 November 1832, x 28 March 1849 John Horner TATHAM *1826

b8 Abraham* 26 March 1833, +young on 4 June 1833

b9 Mary Ann *3 July 1836, +25 June 1911, x 10 August 1826 Alexander RUSSELL, xx 21 June 1859 Samuel MARRIOTT *1834, xxx the Swiss Jacob HORT *1832 + 25 January 1900

b10 Charles *25 February 1837, +25 August 1914 x Louise Caroline RIGGS xx Emily LOXTON

All Thomas’s son were dairy farmers in the Peddie district, except for Charles who was a storekeeper

Thomas the progenitor died on a farm in Peddie on 10 July 1863 and his wife passed away on 8 September 1868

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