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OTTE Carl Samuel

Carl Samuel OTTE was born in 1781 and died in Wismar, Strassburg, Germany on 17 August 1824. He was married to Anna Maria PRÖSSEL born in 1781 and who died in Wismar on 11 October 1849.
They had at least 6 children.

b1 Johan Christian Friedrich, born on 17 May 1805 and died on 29 December 1805 when he was 7 months old.

b2 Christine Dorothee, born 20 March 1807. She married Joachim Friedrich Wilhelm ALBRECHT (born in 1807) in Wismar on 7 July 1829. He was the son of Samuel Albrecht.

b3 Marie Dorothea Charlotte, born 22 September 1809. She married Johann Christian ALBRECHT (born in 1810) in Wismar on 3 July 1831. He also was the son of Samuel Albrecht.

b4 Carl Christian Friedrich. He was born on 16 June 1812 and died on 25 October 1825 when only 13 years old.

b5 Caroline was born at 07h30 on 23 January 1822. She married Georg Christian Wilhelm WEGENER in Wismar on 11 December 1840. He was the son of Johann Wegener.

b6 Christian Friedrich was born at 08h00 on 23 January 1822. He and his twin sister Caroline were baptised in the Evangelische Church in Wismar, Prenzlau, Germany on 3 February 1822. He was a day labourer and married Henriette Wilhelmine Juliane SCHÜNEMANN (born in Wilsickow, Uckermark on 31 July 1821) in Wismar on 16 February 1846. She was the daughter of Friedrich Schϋnemann and Sophia Bankson. She was baptised in the Wilsickow Evangelische church, Prenzlau on 12 August 1821. She had a brother Carl Wilhelm Schünemann (* ca 1831 † 18.10.1838) and two sisters Charlotte Louise Caroline * ca 1816 and Caroline Emilie Wilhelmine (* ca 1818 † 25.1.1821).
Christian Friedrich and Henriette Wilhelmine Juliane OTTE had 10 children of which only 3 produced off-spring. They lost two boys in Germany in June 1849. They were Carl Friedrich Wilhelm (* ca 1846 † 14.6.1849, aged 3 years) and Friedrich Wilhelm Martin (* 17.8.1847 † 7.6.1849, aged 1 year)
They also had two other boys (Carl Johan Gottfried * 13.4.1849 and Christian Friedrich Wilhelm * 4.11.1850), but no additional information is available. They had three children when they arrived in East London on board the 'La Rochelle' in South Africa on 28 August 1858. It seems three more children were born to them on their smallholding in Berlin (Lot 36, but subsequently renumbered to erf 62), where they spent the rest of their lives. Here Christian Friedrich died on 6 June 1877; his widow died in the Frere Hospital, East London, on 6 December 1893.

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