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Surnames N to Q

OPPEL Bernhard WiIhelm

Bernhard Wilhelm OPPEL from Gauerstadt arrived at the Cape in 1754 as a soldier on the ship Luxemburg. He became a burgher in 1773. He got married in Cape Town on 10 October 1773 to Anna Maria HUNDER, she was the widow of Jan Duval, and the daughter of Hendrik Hunder and Maria Magdalena van de Kaap

b1 Paul, X 25 Jan 1784 Johanna Christina Gottschalk
b2 Bernardina Wilhelmina baptised 17 Oct 1773, X 15 Mar 1795 Johann Heinrich Richter
b3 Bernard Willem baptised 17 Oct 1773, X 19 Apr 1801 Catharina Dorothea Muller
b4 Johanna Magdalena baptised 25 Sep 1774
b5 Johannes Bartholomeus baptised 25 Aug 1776
b6 Maria Elisabeth baptised 28 May 1778


AM van Rensburg





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