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HAEFELE Christian Friedrich

Christian Friedrich HAEFELE, the son of Johannes Gottlieb HäFELE and Christina STURMBURGERS was born on 5 June 1802 in Göppingen in the South of Germany. The surname has different variances of spelling like HäFELE (like his father Johannes) and HOEFELE. The surname HäFELE means “The career as an Artist, most commonly that of a Potter” He qualified as a pastor in Germany. In 1834 he came to South Africa as missionary being part of the “Rheinische Missionare” This organization founded a town in the Cedar Mountains in the Cape Province South Africa, and called it after a German town Wupperthal (The German town is spelled without the “h”).The founder of Wupperthal was the missionary Johann Gottlieb LEIPOLDT, who grandson was the well-known poet Christian Frederik Louis LEIPOLDT. Christian Friedrich HAEFELE was also part of the founding group who started to be shoemakers. In 2000 there were still of these craftsmen left in the town and they can make you a shoe while you wait. Christian worked here although his mission worked in other parts of the Cape Province and in the bordering South West Africa. He married a fellow German lady from Prussia, Helena Wilhelmine BURGGRAF on 22 July 1834 in Wupperthal. She was the daughter of Peter Friedrich BURGGRAF and Wilhelmine SCHMIDT. She was born on 27 July 1802. They only had one child, a son:

b1 Christian Friedrich *17 August 1835 in Wupperthal, +6 July 1903 in Vanrhynsdorp, the Cape Province, South Africa. 
x KOCH, Christina Hendrina - Daughter Nicolaas Johannes KOCH and Jacoba Beatrix Carolina DANEEL
xx OBERHOLSTER, Cecilia Maria Johanna
xxx HUISAMEN, Susanna Maria

Christian’s wife Helena (née Burggraf) died shortly after Christian (b1) birth on 12 December 1835 in Wupperthal. 

Christian then married an English lady Anne JACKSON. She was born in England on 4 June 1807. She was the daughter of Joseph JACKSON and Elizabeth PIGGOT. Anne died in 1842 in Wupperthal and no children were born out of this marriage. 

Shortly after Anne’s death Christian married Christina Magdalena THERON, an Afrikaans lady from the Cedar Mountains in South Africa. Christina was born on 23 August 1820. Her parents were: Petrus Lodewyk THERON and Engela Jacoba ESTERHUIZEN. Christian and Christina had 3 children (2 sons and a daughter):

b2 Petrus Lodewicus *3 July 1843 in Wupperthal, +12 July 1901 in the Anglo-Boer war. He married Elizabeth Catharina MARAIS. She was born in 1852. She was the daughter of Abraham Petrus MARAIS and Martha Margaretha HAASBROEK. After Petrus death Elizabeth (née Marais) moved to the Orange Free State where she died on 15 August 1931. This family HAEFELE son’s was prominent in the establishing of the town Edenville in the northern part of the Orange Free State in November 1912.

b3 Christina Jacoba Hendrica *18 April 1845. She married Carel Bernardus van den BERG on 7 April 1864. Carel was born in 1843.

b4 Willem Johannes *7 April 1848 in Wupperthal, +28 March 1902 in Ahmadnagar camp, India. This camp was for POW’s of the Anglo-Boer war. He married a lady from the eastern part of the Cape Province Gesina Magdalena Johanna STRYDOM on 7 October 1870. They were married in Harrismith in the Orange Free State. She was the daughter of Andries Hendrik Josephus Jerimias STRYDOM and Catharina Beatrix OLIVIER. Gesina (née Strydom) remained in Heilbron in the Orange Free State where she died on 7 June 1934.

Christian’s wife Christina (née Theron) died in Clanwilliam in The Cape Province on 1 July 1855.

Christian then Married Anna Johanna de VILLIERS a Huguenot descendant from Stellenbosch in the Cape Province in 1856. She was born on 4 December 1819. She was the daughter of Daniel Francois de VILLIERS and Anna Elizabeth du PLESSIS. One child were born out of this marriage

b5 Karel Jacob Albertus *23 August 1864 Wupperthal, + 15 March 1944. He married Susanna Johanna Gysberta TRUTER, the daughter of Jan Hendrik TRUTER and Martha Jacoba Gerendina SMIT. Susanna was born 0n28 July 1864 and died 10 February 1947

Christian the progenitor died in Wupperthal, the Cape Province South Africa on 16 November 1884

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