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Surnames K to M


Barnett, of Jewish descent, was born in Svesksna Konvo in the western side of Lithuania, near the German border. He came as 17 year old in 1899 to South Africa. The son of Meir KARABELNIK and Chana-Beile ESTRIN.
He was one of nine children but the only one to come to South Africa.
He changed his surname to KRAMER (Unknown what the reason was).

He married Johanna Margaretha van der VYVER (Daughter of Johannes Lodewyk van der VYVER and Frederika Susanna Johanna janse van RENSBURG)
He was first a purveyor of numerous goods and later a manager of a local store in Cape Town. He died in Worcester on 12 March 1965.

They had the following children:

b1 Johannes Frederik Ebenhaezer, born 25 November 1914 in Ladismith, in the Western Cape. He was known as “Solly”. He worked as a sales man. He married Frances Hester MULLER (She was born on9 January 1921, died 25 September 2003 and was the daughter of Jacob Jurgen MULLER and Margaret Maria Victoria GILL) in
1943. He died 10 October 2011. This couple had two sons, one born in 1946 and one in 1954.

b2 Theodore Meyor, born 17 March 1918, He married Elsie Drew SATTERWAITHE( She was born on 28 February 1916 and died 24 May 2004) on 28 May 1954. He died
on 15 June 2002

1. Research done by:
John Barnett Kramer and Emma Karabelnik
2. Writing an unauthorised biography by Mario Maccani April 2011 
3. Boerejood Julian Roup

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