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Surnames K to M

MacDONALD James John

JAMES JOHN MacDONALD. date of arrival in SA has not been ascertained.
1878 Voters' Roll have a JAMES McDONALD entry 904 as resident of Mossel Bay His father was born in Edinburgh Scotland. .
x 13 Sept 1847 in George, LEA JACOBA VAN WIJNGAARDEN. *16 Sept.1826 [d/o JACOBUS JOHANNES VAN WIJNGAARDEN *1 February 1778 x 9 Feb 1804 DOROTHEA CHRISTINA BARNARD †04.07.1779]

b1 JACOBUS JOHANNES PETRUS MacDONALD, , * 24 Dec 1850 in George, ≈24 Aug 1851 in George.
x 16 Sept 1872 in Willowmore, Cape, MARTHA CATHARINA JOHANNA SWARTS.


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Compiled and researched by Annatjie Tiran

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