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Johann Georg LINGENFELDER, born 1748, came from Nurnberg, Germany. He arrived in South Africa prior to 1768 when he is recorded as being employed as a cooper, from 1777 he was a master cooper. On 21 June 1778 he married Petronella Johanna HARTOG (bapt. 3 March 1754), she was the daughter of Philip Hartog and Maria Le Roux. Her slave roots go back to her paternal grandmother Petronella Philips (married to Paulus Hartog), who was the daughter of the manumitted slaves Philip van Bouton and Susanna van Boegies. Johann Georg died on the 1 January 1803, while Petronella Johanna lived a further 24 years and died on the 26 Feb 1827, aged about 74 years. Of their 12 children, five were baptised in the Lutheran church. This was at a time when the Lutheran church first gained colonial approval to establish itself at the Cape. In 1774 a "warehouse" was erected by Martin Melck with the future intention of turning it into a Lutheran church. The first Lutheran minister, Andreas Kolver arrived at the Cape in 1780 and on the 10 December of that same year the "warehouse" was formally consecrated. The first of the 5 Lingenfelder children to be baptised in the newly established church was Philippus, who"s baptism is recorded on the 10 Feb 1782.

Chidren of Johann Georg Lingenfelder and Petronella Johanna Hartog:-
b1. Johan Philip ~20 June 1779, X 1 Sept 1799 Maria Dorothea MATTHEE, the daughter of Christian Fredrick Matthee and Elsje Sophia Brand. No record of any children.
b2. George Hendrik ~3 Dec 1780 died 6 June 1824, X 4 Aug 1799 Elizabeth Jacoba ROGIERS, the daughter of Tobias Rogiers and Maria Elizabeth van Ellewee. She was also the great-grand-daughter of Catharina van Bengale (later known as Catharina Opklim) They had 4 children.
b3. Philippus ~Lutheran church 10 Feb 1782, possibly died young.
b4. Maria Cecilia ~1 Feb 1784, X 3 Feb 1805 Christiaan Pieter BRAND. They had 8 children.
b5. Apollonia Johanna ~17 July 1785
b6. Catharina Petronella ~9 Nov 1786, X 14 June 1807 Johan Lodewyk LOOCK They had 9 children.
b7. Hendrina Frederika ~22 June 1788
b8. Frederik Marthinus ~Lutheran church 1 June 1789, X 29 Aug 1813 Catharina Johanna VLOTMAN, They had 2 children. XX 6 March 1825 Christina Johanna LOCHNER
b9. Geertruyda Johanna ~22 Aug 1790 died 1843, X 14 June 1807 Hendrik Johannes DE WET, XX Lutheran church 23 Aug 1812 George Marthinus DENNER, his father was Georg Heinrich Denner, a VOC soldier and later cook at the castle. His wife was Maria Petronella Hartog, first cousin to Petronella Johanna Hartog.
b10. Johannes Marthinus ~Lutheran church 26 Feb 1792, died 4 Oct 1832, aged 40 years. X Lutheran church 10 Aug 1817 Sara Johanna ROGIERS, sister of Elizabeth Jacoba Rogiers (see above) They had 4 children.
b11. Georg Christian ~Lutheran church 9 March 1794
b12. Philippus Josephus ~Lutheran church Feb 1795, X Lutheran church 28 Dec 1817 Maria Carolina Jansen DE BRUYN, XX Lutheran church 13 Aug 1820 Anna Johanna KOCH

Heese and Lombard
De Villiers and Pama
Hoge, J: Die geskiedenis van die Lutherse Kerk aan die Kaap Researched and

submitted by:
Mark Lingenfelder


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