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FRAPPE Hendrik

Hendrik Frappe kom as "n adelbors in 1706 op die skip Rosenburg na die Kaap. In 1717 was hy "n boekhouer in die VOC. In 1733 keer hy met sy vrou en kinders terug na Nederland. In 1743 is hy weer terug aan die Kaap as "n vryburgher. Hy trou met, die weduwee van Jacob Keyser, Jeanette PRETORIUS. Hy trou die tweede keer 15 Desember 1720 met Aletta BOTHMA, sy was die weduwee van Willem de Ruyter. Hy trou weer op 22 Julie 1725 met Christina VAN ZYL, sy was die weduwee van Jurgen Friedrich Corbrach.

b1 Johanna Cornelia X 13 Sep 1726 Johannes Pleunis, XX 11 Sep 1735 Johan Christian Lamprecht
b2 Hendrik Frederik gedoop 30 Jun 1715
b3 Hendrina Johanna gedoop 16 Mei 1717, X 18 Apr 1756 Jan de Waal
b4 Geertruy Aletta gedoop 14 Des 1721
b5 Christoffel gedoop 28 Feb 1723
b6 Wilhelmus Christianus gedoop 29 Jan 1727
b7 Jan Cornelis gedoop 7 Nov 1728, X 4 Jun 1742 Jacoba Petronella Lourens, wed van Jan Jurgens
b8 Nicolaas Christianus gedoop 20 Aug 1730
b9 Albertus gedoop 13 Jul 1732, X Batavia met Anna Dorothea Wenschoe
b10 Jacobus * Nederland
b11 Samuel * Nederland
b12 Asseuris Bernhardus Bartholomeus gedoop 7 Jun 1744
b13 Anna Catharina gedoop 4 Jun 1747, X 29 Aug 1762 Laars Holtman van Stockholm

Bron: SAG Vol II
Saamgestel deur:
AM van Rensburg

Notes on the above, added by Demornay du Toit, 5 December 2008.

Regarding the seventh son of Hendrik Frappe - Jan Cornelis:  His baptism date is given as 7th Nov 1728 and the date of his marriage as 4th June 1742 when (assuming he was born in the year of his baptism) he was no more than 14 years old, which seems unlikely. I do not have evidence of a different date of marriage (or birth), but can offer the following additional information.

Johannus (sic) Cornelis Frappe "uit Cabo de goede hoop" entered the service of the VOC on 22 Nov 1742 as a "jongen" (under 17 years of age) and ended his service with the Company due to his death on 6th Sepember 1753.

He left the Cape on the "Hofvliet" on 11th April 1743 and arrived in Batavia on 15th October 1743. Jacoba Petronella Lourens did not make this voyage. Neither of them appear to have been on the return voyage, which left Batavia on 17th October 1743 and arrived back at the Cape on 12th January 1744 (the "Hofvliet" was, incidentally, wrecked on 19th May 1744 on its way back to the Netherlands from the Cape). I have not been able to find any record of him making the return journey from Batavia (or elsewhere in the East) to the Cape, but it appears that there are gaps in the data. (Sources 1, 2).

Children of Hendrik Frappe and Christina van Zijl:

They had two more sons, both baptised in Amsterdam (Source 3):
Willem Hubert, baptised Amstel Kerk 30th October 1740
Wilhelmus Gerrardus, baptised Nieuwe Kerk 27th May 1742

Wilhelmus Christianus (b 1727) and Nicolaas Christianus (b 1730) both appear to have died before 7th June 1760, since they are not mentioned in the inventory of their mother"s estate of that date (Source 4). The former presumably died before 27th May 1742, the baptism date of Wilhelmus Gerrardus.

Regarding Hendrik Frappe"s arrival at the Cape. He is said to have arrived on the "Rosenburg" in 1706. The only ship with a similar name to arrive at the Cape in that year was the "Huis te Rozenburg", which left Texel on 9th May 1706 and arrived at the Cape on 11th December. There was also a ship called "Rozenburg" which made voyages to the Cape from 1750 onwards. Unfortunately, the names of those on board the "Huis te Rozenburg" are not (yet) available from my source, but it seems likely that this is the correct ship (Source 2).

Regarding Johannes de Waal, the husband of Hendrina Johanna Frappe. Regarding the name of his 10th child by Elizabeth van Eck - Magdalena. Her name is given as Helena in the inventory of her father"s estate. He died on 27th January 1768 and she died before that date. (Source 5)

(1) Nationaal Archief (Netherlands), VOC Opvarenden
(2) Instituut voor Nederlandse Geschiedenis, De VOC Scheepvaart tussen Nederland en Azi

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