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Surnames D to G

DE HAAN Ibrahim

Ibrahim DE HAAN (ADEHAN) was born 1693 the son of an exile Rajah van Tamborah (look at his entry) also known as Abulbasi. The family was Muslim but later the children became Christians. He was baptised as a Christian on 2 November 1721. The record in the Cape Doopregister reads, "Bejaarde vrygebore Mohammedan wat op 2 Nov 1721 belydenis van die Christelike geloof afgelê het" (AE Read, p 5). He got married on 20 September 1722 Helena VALENTYN, (she was the daughter of Hercules Valentyn from the Indian West coast and Cecilia van Bengale, they got married 1716).

b1 Sara baptised 7 Nov 1723, X 18 Feb 1753 Hans Jacob Doeksteen
b2 Louisa baptised 5 May 1726, X 1755 Jacobus Bruyns. She applied in 1764 to leave the Cape for Batavia to prosecute her case against Jan Arenholdt Blumer (AE Read, A Research into the History of the Family Bruijns, p 5)
b3 Adolph baptised 24 Oct 1728, X Maria Jonas
b4 Abraham baptised 18 Feb 1731, X 8 March 1767 Christina Alesia Eversdyk
b5 Maria Magdalena baptised 1 Aug 1734, X 1761 Dirk Hendrik Mos, XX 3 Jun 1770 JAA Bottiger

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AM van Rensburg

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