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Surnames D to G


Max Fix was born about 1874 in Russia. He died1 on 24 Apr 1924 in Addington Hospital, Durban dist, Natal.

Max married Sarah Leah Milner . Sarah was born about 1875 in Lithuania dist. She died2 on 3 Feb 1940 in Bloemfontein dist, OFS. She was buried in Bloemfontein Cemetery, OFS.


b1. Sam Fix was born on 25 Jan 1900 in Bloemfontein dist, OFS. He died on 11 Apr 1995.
Sam married Hannah Feldman daughter of Louis Feldman and Annie Fine on 7 Oct 1934 in Krugersdorp dist. Hannah was born on 22 Mar 1909/1910 in Krugersdorp dist. She died on 16 Apr 1973 in Bloemfontein dist, OFS.

b2. Barney Fix was born on 10 Sep 1901 in Lithuania. He died on 6 May 1968 in Bloemfontein dist, OFS.
Barney married3 Francina Cornelia Johanna van den Heever daughter of [b3c1d4e6f4g1] Johannes Daniel Petrus van den Heever and Francina Cornelia Johanna Wessels on 10 Nov 1950 in Kimberley Marriage Court, Cape Province. Francina was born on 16 Feb 1921 in Bloemfontein dist, OFS. She died.

b3. Abraham Fix was born on 25 Jun 1911 in Johannesburg dist, Transvaal. He died4 on 22 Mar 1979 in Bloemfontein dist, OFS.
Abraham married Ita Wysoke on 25 Jun 1939 in Bloemfontein Hewbrew Congregation, OFS. Ita was born on 22 Mar 1917 in Poland dist. She died in 1980.

b4. Harry Fix was born on 19 Feb 1915 in Johannesburg dist, Transvaal. He died5 on 24 Jul 1980 in Bloemfontein dist, OFS.
Harry married Fanny Marks daughter of Marks and Sarah Itzikowitz in 1944 in Johannesburg dist, Transvaal. Fanny was born on 24 May 1923.

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