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ERNST Adalbert Henry

Adalbert, one of eleven children is the only ERNST child that came from Ceylon to South Africa. The Ernst family was a well-established, Ceylon family and six generations stayed over centuries in Ceylon. His brothers, sisters, parents and their descendants stayed behind in Ceylon. Some however moved to Britain. The time that the ERNST family stayed in Ceylon, the country was under British Crown sovereignty and the family all worked for the British Government in various positions. Ceylon became independent long after Adalbert left in 1948 and is since 1972 called Sri Lanka. The surname ERNST means “ruminative” The family and the surname has a definite Spanish connection together with a possible Austria part. He came to South Africa in 1933 to search for prospects in a former British Colony. He arrived with his wife and two sons. He was born on 22 September 1890 in Matara, Ceylon, the centre of British rule. He was qualified as a Licentiate of Medicine and Surgery (LMS) and was therefore a medical doctor. He was well off and owned various farms in the Tzaneen, Transvaal, South Africa. He was the son of Charles Henry ERNST (1857-1930). Charles was Ceylon’s Government Supervisor, member of the British Anglican Church and loyalist to the British Crown. He mother was Victoria ALTENDORFF (1866-1937) born from an old Ceylon family. Both his parents died in Ceylon. He X in the Anglican Church in London, England, Phillys Maud Helen ANTHONISZ (1894-1975) on 14 December 1918. She was also a Ceylon citizen. After her death her X Sarah Maria VISSER an Afrikaner woman (1898-1976) on 19 May 1976 in Pretoria, Transvaal. Sarah died quickly after the marriage. (They were only married for two and a half months before she died) Shortly after Sarah’s death four and a half months later , he married in the Anglican Church in Tzaneen a British lady Flora Louisa ROBERTS (1897-1988) on 21 December 1976. Flora’s father Frank John ROBERTS was a butcher on the Titanic, died when the ship sank in 1912. His body was recovered. 

He only had children with Phillys:

b1 Vernon Derek *18 September 1921, Kandy, Ceylon † 1 July 1994 X Johanna Petronella VILJOEN in Pretoria on 20 February 1954. Johanna * 16 July 1932. Vernon was a well-known musician and lecturer. He studied at the University of the Witwatersrand. Johanna was a Guardian of Van Wouw museum in Pretoria. This museum was later bought by the University of Pretoria after a generous donation by the Rembrandt Group. Johanna also published books regarding art history.

b2 Alex Henry, also quite wealthy and an owner of various farms in Tzaneen, which he inherited from his father. He was born in Bangalore, India on 14th November 1924, while his parents stayed there for a while. He X Kroonstad, Orange Free State, South Africa, 3rd September 1949, Janette Henriette Maria Aletta BUYS. Janette *6 May 1927, † 18 September 1996. Janette was a Senior Matron in a hospital.
b3 Galla Phyllis Jean, an renowned artist and lecturer, * 6th November 1931, baptised 6th December 1931 in St. Peter's Anglican Church, Tzaneen, X Tzaneen, 30th December 1955, Edward Higham SOLOMON, (*6 November 1922). Galla like her brother Vernon studied at the University of The Witwatersrand. Edward, her husband was an engineer and † 8 September 2010. Galla † 18 October 2018 in Tzaneen.
Adalbert the Ceylon's Progenitor † 17 July 1989 in Tzaneen.

Sri Lankan Burgher Family Genealogy

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