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Clausz CLAASSZEN kom as "n soldaat in 1720 by die Kaap, van Delve in Dithmarshen, Duitsland. Hy was "n kneg van 1722 tot 1734, en word "n burger in 1734. Hy sterwe in Junie 1767. Hy trou die 22 Mei 1735 in Paarl met Aletta KNOETZEN



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Additonal and revised data:

Claus Clau├čen was born in 1695, and was baptized in the Lutheran Marienkirche (church) in Delve, Dithmarschen, possibly on 01.04.1695. He joined the DEIC on 21.07.1720. He arrived at the Cape in December 1720 on board the Bleijenburg, en route to Batavia, but disembarked at the Cape as he was suffering from scurvy. After recovering, he chose to remain at the Cape to continue to work for the Company, which he did until 1734, when he became a free burgher. He was granted the farms Hemelrood, Elandsrugge and Langetouw on the banks of the Gouritz river, in the district of Swellendam. He married Aletta Alida Knoetzen on 22.05.1735 (she was baptized 20.08.1713 in Stellenbosch, and was the daughter of Cornelis Knoetzen from Fuehnen/Denmark, and Dirkje Helm, daughter of Hans Helm and Geertruy Willemse of Amsterdam). Clausz died in July 1767 in the Gouritz river area, presumably on one of his farms. Clausz and Aletta Alida had 6 children:

1. Anna Margaretha =03.05.1739, x Jacobus Rademeijer

2. Nicolaas =14.01.1742, x 14.12.1764 Maria Jacomina Vivier

3.Maria Magdalena =27.09.1744, x Dirk Uwens

4. Cornelis =12.02.1747 in Tulbagh, x 22.04.1770 in Tulbagh Johanna Dorothea Pienaar (she was baptized on 23.02.1749, and was the daughter of Salomon Pienaar and Sara Oosthuizen)

5. Aletta =02.11.1749

6. Martha x R. van Huijsteen

-Genealogies of Old Cape Families, by Villiers, revised, augmented and rewritten by C.Pama, A.A.Balkema, Cape Town, 1966.
-"Die Claas(s)en afstammelinge" by Claassen, Nicolaas & Claassen, Gert Hendrik 2001.

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