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BUTGER Johan Anthonie

Johan Anthonie BUTGER was from Detmold. He arrived as a soldier at the Cape 1754. He died when he was 84 years old on 29 March 1808. He married 3 June 1770 Maria Magdalena DE HAAN, she was a widow of Dirk Hendrik Mos. She was the daughter of Ibrahim Adehan (De Haan), and he was the son of the the Radjah of Tamborah

b1 Christina Alesia baptised 30 Dec 1770, X Frans Johannes Retief, XX Johannes Klynsmit
b2 Abraham Johannes baptised 6 Jun 1773
b3 Abraham baptised 12 May 1776
b5 Catharina Margaretha baptised 21 Feb 1779
b6 Magadalena Saria Maria

Heese en Lombard

Saamgestel deur:
AM van Rensburg




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