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BRUYNS Jacobus

Jacobus BRUYNS / BRUIJNS was born in Amsterdam in 1689. He came to the Cape on the ship Noordbeek as a soldier in 1712. He was a corporal of the Cape burghers. He marrried at Cape Town on 27 November 1718 to Catherina (Caatje) Jansz from Mauritius, she was the daughter of Hubert Jansz (van der Heyden or van der Meyden) and Eva Zaaiman. Catherina was the first cousin of the wife of Andries Bruyns, and also to the wife of Coenraad Feyt, Andries and Coenraad"s wives were sisters. They were all great granddaughters of Eva/Krotoa and Pieter van Meerhof.

b1 Alida baptised 15 Oct 1719
b2 Hendrik baptised 14 Sep 1721
b3 Maria baptised 20 Jun 1723
b4 Albert baptised 24 Jun 1725
b5 Coenraad baptised 1 Sep 1726
b6 Johanna baptised 11 Jul 1728
b7 Jacobus baptised 20 Aug 1732, X 22 Jun 1755 Louisa de Haan (descendant of Rajah of Tambora)
b8 Catherina baptised 20 March 1733, X 23 Nov 1755 Pieter Malet
b9 Christiaan Albert baptised 10 Jun 1736
b10 Magdalena baptised 8 Feb 1737

In the first will that they made on 9 February 1732, no mention is made of the children Hendrik and Albert, so it is very likely that they were dead. This will named Godlieb Christian Opperman and Jacob de Vries as guardians for the minor children.

After Catherina"s death Jacobus Bruyns made another will on 7 June 1754. Then the son Coenraad is not mentioned, thus he was either dead or it was because he was an adult of 28 years.

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AE Read, A Research into the History of the Family Bruijns/ Bruyns/Bruins/Broens

A van Rensburg


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