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Surnames A to C

BISSCHOP Alexander Bartien

ALEXANDER BARTIEN BISSCHOP *07th August 1866 † 23rd October 1901 His name on his daughter's DN is given as Alexander Bertien
x Rustenburg 25th August 1890 ELIZABETH MARIA LEWIS *21st July 1871

Alex and Elizabeth had 4 children- 1 son and 3 daughters.

On 19th June 1901 Elizabeth arrived in the Krugersdorp Concentration Camp with her 4 children. Tent number 488. According to the Camp register they came from the farm Doornspruit, District Krugersdorp where her husband was a partowner.
While in the camp her husband sadly passed away. She left the camp on 30th September 1902.

b1 SUSANNA JACOBA BISSCHOP *11th June 1891Rustenburg [known as "Susie"] As a 10 year old
she arrived in Rustenburg Concentration camp †11th March 1970 Pretoria. Resident at Witwatersrand Oue Tehuis, Escombe laan, Parktown at time of death. DN has d.o.b as 1st June. Her daughter in law signed her DN and it is dated 1st May 1970 Jhb.
x GYSBERT RHEEDER *12th February 1889 in Rustenburg † 3rd July 1959 in "Vlakdrift" Rustenburg. [b6c5d2e5 in Rheeder Family Tree. son of Andries Hermanus RHEEDER (Andries Hermanus, Johan Paul, Jacob Salomon) and Barbara Christina Jacoba VAN ROOYEN (Gysbert, Gysbertus, Cornelis Johannes, Reynier, Cornelis ]


c2 ELIZABETH MARIA RHEEDER *15th April 1919 in Johannesburg, Gauteng, † 12th January 1985 in Bellville, Western Cape.
x KAREL ROOD. *24th August 1917 in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa †4th January 2006 in Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa
[s/o Willem Hendrik ROOD (Karel, Mozes Juda) and Anna Elizabeth LIEBENBERG]

     d1 NICOLETTE ROOD *7th September 1945 Johannesburg
     x 18th January 1969 Pretoria ROBERT FREDERICK CROWTHER *16th February 1945, Villiers,  OFS [son of Petrus      Marthinus (Pat) CROWTHER (Robert Frederick August (Bob), Robert August Frederick) and Anna Jacoba (Annatjie)      JANSEN VAN RENSBURG (Joachim Hendrik Petrus, Petrus Johannes), They had 1 daughter and 1 son




b2 HERMANUS BISSCHOP[HARRY] *12th May 1893 Rustenburg † 19th August 1955. He arrived in the Concentration camp aged 8 years. The camp register indicates his age as 7yrs.
x 18th September 1917 JOHANNA VAN DER COLFF but she died on 1st June 1919 in the great flu epidemic. No children were born.

xx 28th September 1920 SUSANNA MAGDALENA PRINSLOO *23rd March 1897 †4th January 1981.
Harry and Susanna had 1 son and 4 daughters.The son however passed away when he was young and the family name could not be passed on

c1 MARIA CLAUDINA BISSCHOP *23rd August 1921

c2 ELIZABETH MARIA BISSCHOP *23rd September 1922 †31st December 1995
x 12th June 1944 DIRK JACOBUS VAN ZYL [ VAN ZIJL] .

     d1 ELIZABETH MARIA [BETTY] VAN ZYL *02nd April 1945
     x on 30th December 1965 ANTONIO AGOSTINHO FONTES PATRICIO *01st September 1936 [registered d.o.b        12/10/1936] in Amareleja Portugal, came to SA via Mozambique [1955].†17th January 2005. They have 4 children

     d2 GIDEON HERMANUS VAN ZYL *21st August 1946
      x ÷ 1 daughter


c4 ALEXANDER BARTIEN [BARTHINUS] BISSCHOP 08th September 1927 †21st June 1932

c5 JOHANNA MARIA BISSCHOP 14th January 1930 †2007

b3 JOHANNA HENDRIK BISSCHOP. * 1896 Rustenburg. She arrived in the Concentration Camp as a 5 year old

b4 ELIZABETH BISSCHOP *1898 Rustenburg. She arrived in the Concentration Camp as a 3 year old

Info from Betty van Zyl Patricio November 2007
TAB MHG 4716/70 predeceased spouse Gysbert Rheeder TAB MHG 4528/58
Info on Susie's descendants from Bobby Crowther April 2012...SAG/TAB
VAN ZYL Family Register

Researched and compiled by:
Annatjie Tiran.

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