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Surnames A to C


Stamvader Pieter BOEIENS was born about 1690 and came to South Africa from Blokzijl in the Netherlands. On 30 May 1717 he married Geertruida BLOM, daughter of stamvader Barend Pieterse Blom and Catharina de Bero. On 26 December 1734 he married Maria MARAIS widow of Pieter Taillefer. Maria was from France and she died on 26 December 1734.
b1 Breghie baptised 5 December 1717
b2 Maria X Jacob Marais
b3 Johannes baptised 13 July 1721, X 11 April 1748 Magdalena du Plessis
b4 Catharina baptised 21 March 1723
b5 Pieter Jurgen baptised 5 May 1725
b6 Barend baptised 22 June 1727, X 28 January 1748 Elizabeth Catharina Strydom
b7 Geertruida baptised 7 June 1729, X Carel du Plessis
b8 Anna baptised 4 September, X Jacobus du Plessis

de Villiers and Pama, Genealogies of old S A Families 1981

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