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Johannes BOCKELENBERG also known as Bockelberg was born in 1668. In 1693 he arrived in Batavia as a soldier from Kolberg. Kolobrzeg (AKA Kolberg) a town in the Polish Lowlands on the Baltic Sea at the mouth of the river Prosnika.He was in the service of the Dutch East India Company. In 1697 he left for Mauritius as chief surgeon, he was also instructed to start a sugar refinery there. He married Magdalena ZAAYMAN, daughter of Daniel Zaayman and Pieternella Meerhof. Magdalena was born in 1683, a grand-daughter of Pieter van Meerhof and Eva. Magdalena died on 6 November 1704 and on 24 October 1705 Johannes married Johanna van der BOSCH, daughter of stamvader Jan van der Bosch and Cornelia Helm (note SAG gives the wedding date as 12 Oct 1705, Richard Ball"s notes from the original document has it as 24 Oct). In 1705 Johannes arrived at the Cape and practiced as doctor at Stellenbosch where he was also a district councilor. There were six children:

b1 Petronella born 1698 Mauritius, X Coenraad Feyt
b2 Johannes born 1700 Mauritius
b3 Anna Elizabeth, X Andries Bruyns, XX Johan Ernst Heger, XXX Jan Jurgen de Witt
b4 Susanna born 1703 Mauritius, X 15 June 1721 Gerrit Victor (He was son of b1 Cornelis Victor)
b5 Daniel baptised 17 July 1707, X 25 May 1732 Elizabeth Loret (death of Elizabeth)
b6 Johanna baptised 13 October 1709, X Pieter van den Heever

He died in 1709

de Villiers and Pama, Genealogies of old S A Families 1981

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