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BEETS Balthus Wilhelm

Balthus Wilhelm Beets was born 1726, he arrived prior to 1768 at the Cape. He was from Neubrandenburg, Germany. He worked as a baker. He got married on 21 July 1771 to Helena Jansen van de Kaap (she was the widow of FS Plagman). Helena was a freed slave and daughter of Jannetje Johannese.

Beets and Helena Jansen van de Kaap did not have children.

However Balthus Wilhelm Beets had two illegitimate children with the slave Agana / Angana van de Kaap:

b1 Maria Johanna baptised Cape Town 19 Jan 1772, X 23 Dec 1787 Johannes Andres Prender, XX 8 Jan 1797 Johannes Jung

b2 David baptised 19 Jan 1772, X 6 Apr 1794 Anna Maria Bedeker, XX 16 Aug 1812 Christina Bruyns van de Kaap

Balthus died 12 Jan 1784. She then married Johan Jacob Nahe

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AM van Rensburg




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