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BECK Johannes Zacharias

Johannes Zacharias BECK was baptised at Langensalza, St Stephani, Germany on 2 May 1695. He was the son of Christoffel Sebastian Beck. He arrived at the Cape in 1715 as a soldier on the ship Mossel, he became a burgher in 1722. He got married to Elsie VAN AS, she was the daugter of Jacobus van As and Helena van der Merwe. He married the second time on 31 October 1729 to Geertruyd Christina BLANKENBERG, she was the eldest child of Johannes Blankenberg and Catharina Baumann.

b1 Helena Christina = 1 Oct 1724, X Johannes Kruger
b2 Catharina Martha = 9 Dec 1725, X A Maartens
b3 Anna Veronica = 19 Jan 1727
b4 Christoffel Sebastian = 8 Aug 1728
b5 Johannes Zacharias = 17 Jul 1729
b6 Catharina Maria = 7 Jan 1731, X Diederik Wilhems, XX Charter Toulen
b7 Johanna Sohia = 4 Jul 1732, Jan Joachim Lodewyk Wernich
b8 Christiaan Jacobus = 3 Jan 1734
b9 Margaretha Hendrina = 26 Jun 1735, X 13 May 1759 Alexander Grant, XX Buchan Hepburn
b10 Anna Christina = 25 Aug 1737
b11 Jacobus Hendricus = 21 May 1739, X 27 Apr 1766 Elisabeth Jacoba le Febre
b12 Geertruy Dorothea = 25 Jun 1741, X H Moller
b13 Catharina Christina = 17 Feb 1743, X Daniel van Reenen

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