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CRAUSE Johann Jacob

Johann Jacob CRAUSE/KRAUSE of Diefenbach, Germany arrived 1733 on the Castricum as a soldier in service of the VOC. He became a citizen (burger) in 1735. He married 27 May 1736 Elisabeth GROENENBERG, daughter of Gysbert van Groenenberg en Juliana van de Kaap. In 1747 Johann Jacob CRAUSE, his wife and four children went back to Europe. This means that this line of CRAUSE in South Africa flows only from Hermanus Lucas CRAUSE. Hermanus Lucas CRAUSE, born 7 Dec 1738, was in service of the VOC as a sailor, but aquired his citizenship at the Cape in 1758.
b1 Johanna Jacoba baptised Cape Town 15 April 1736
b2 Johannes Michiel baptised Cape Town 19 Mei 1737
b3 Hermanus Lucas baptised 7 Dec 1738, X 4 Apr 1762 Anna Stolts daughter of Willem Stolts and Johanna van Beulen
b4 Hendrik baptised 20 Aug 1741
b5 Maria Jacoba baptised 26 Jan 1744
b6 Alida baptised 20 Feb 1746

Lombard and Heese

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