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Surnames A to C


Arnadjec COORVADIA  was born in 1877 in Surat, India. He died on 23 Aug 1942 in Fordsburg dist, Johannesburg, Transvaal.
Arnadjec was a Merchant in 1942 in Johannesburg, Transvaal.
     Death Notice dated 26 Aug 1942 at Johannesburg, Transvaal signed by eldest son, I.M. Coorvadia, present at death.
Arnadjec married Ayesha COORVADIA  in India. Ayesha died in May 1937.

They had the following children:

b1. Ismail Mahomed COORVADIA .

b2. Mariam Mahomed COORVADIA .

Mariam married Ahmed Suliman COOVADIA .

b3. Amina Mahomed COORVADIA .

Amina married Ebrahim Ahmed Coovadia .

b4. Suliman Mahomed COORVADIA .

b5. Rasool COORVADIA  (Arnadjec) died before 1942.

Rasool married Mahomed COOVADIA .

     They had the following children:

     c1. Abdulhak Mahomed COOVADIA  was born on 23 Oct 1918.

     c2. Khatija Mahomed COOVADIA  was born in Feb 1925.

     c3. Abdulsamed Mahomed COOVADIA  was born on 11 Mar 1933.

     c4. Suliman Mahomed COOVADIA  was born on 10 Jan 1935.

     c5. Moosa Mahomed COOVADIA  was born on 15 May 1937.

     c6. Aboobaker Mahomed COOVADIA  was born on 04 Jul 1939. 

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