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ALTONA Theodor Rudolf

Theodor Rudolf ALTONA  was born in cal.c.1845 in Funnix, Hanover Province, Germany. He died on 07 Dec 1894 in Jagersfontein dist, OFS.

Theodor was a Shop Keeper.

Funnix, Ostfriesland is a municipality in Germany's second largest state Lower Saxony. Funnix, Ostfriesland is located in the administrative district Wittmund.

The town of Wittmund, on the edge of the geest, and its surroundings are an ancient area of settlement. It was linked to inland East Frisia's network of roads early on and commercially oriented to the nearby coast. Around 1200, Wittmund was the hub of the rural parish (Landgemeinde) of Wangerland and was called Wiedemund or Wiedemundheim at that time. The territorial units of the rural parishes were based roughly on old Frisian districts. Esens was the administrative centre of the Harlingerland.

In 1584, the place is recorded on a card as Witmondt. Later, the town was given a district (Amt) constitution and made into an Amt as part of the new comital order. In 1730 Witmundt is recorded within the Amt of Witmundt on another map. In 1744, East Frisia was absorbed by Prussia, and then, after a brief period under Dutch/French rule, became part of the Kingdom of Hanover in 1815.

Wittmund was given town rights as early as 1567 by Agnes, Countess of Rietberg. In the 17th century these rights were rescinded and were not granted again until 1929.

Theodor married Elizabeth Marianne WURAS  daughter of Carel Frederick WURAS and Elizabeth Harriett EVERY. Elizabeth was born on 08 Dec 1854 in Bethanie dist, OFS. She died  on 19 Jun 1895 in Jagersfontein dist, OFS.

They had the following children:

b1. Frederik Adolph Berthold ALTONA  (Theodor Rudolf) was born in cal.c.1883 in Jagersfontein dist, OFS. He died on 06 Jan 1960 in Bloemfontein National Hospital, OFS.
Frederik married Mary Lilian Betrice MILLAR  in 1911 in Bloemfontein, OFS. She died on 14 Aug 1958. [3 children]

b2. Emil Theodor ALTONA  (Theodor Rudolf) was born in cal.c.1884 in Bethany dist, OFS. He died  on 10 May 1940 in Bloemfontein, Capitol Hotel, OFS.
Emil married Jeanne Christina SCHEEPERS  daughter of Jan Hendrik SCHEEPERS and Elizabeth Gertruida in Ladybrand dist, OFS. Jeanne was born in cal.c.1891 in Ladybrand dist, OFS. She died on 02 May 1945 in Clocolan dist, OFS, private home. [3 children]

b3. Edwin Bernard ALTONA  was born in Reddersburg dist, OFS. Edwin married Lucy POGSON  in 1909.

b4. Emma Amelia ALTONA .

b5. Lillian ALTONA .

b6. Carl Aubrey ALTONA .

b7. Grace Elizabeth ALTONA  was born in c.1895. She died  on 16 Nov 1895 in Edenburg dist,OFS, house of Alfred Emery.



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