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BROODRYK (Brotrik)Johan Christof

Johan Christoff Brotrik (as named on passenger list). Date of commencement of employment as a soldier was 18 Oct 1750 and termination was on 16 Sep 1755. He left Amsterdam on the ‘Slot of Kapelle’ 18 Oct 1750 and arrived in the Cape on 23 Jan 1751. He became a free citizen in 1756 with occupation as a smith. On 25 Sep 1757 he married Christina Stockvleth the illegitimate daughter of Hermann Stockvleth and Apollonia Everts widow of Jan Andries Estherhuizen. They had 9 children but got divorced in 1775. 


b1. Jan Christoffel baptised 18 Jun 1758 in Cape Town x Helena
b2. Aletta Christina baptised 27 Jan 1760 in Cape Town x Jan Bonthuys
b3. Abraham Christiaan baptised 13 Apr 1761 in Cape town x Anna Celia du Preez
b4. Christiaan Wilhelm baptised 05 Aug 1764 Cape Town x Hester Susanna Venter  xx Aletta Jacoba Meijer
b5. Anna Margaretha baptised 21 Jun 1767 in Cape Town  
b6. Maria Elizabeth baptised 20 Aug 1769 In Cape Town x Johannes Hendrik van Ellewee
b7. Johanna Helena baptised 02 Dec 1770 in Cape Town   
b8. Apollonia Whilhelmina baptised 10 Oct 1773 in Cape Town x Hendrik Frans Grundeler
b9. Jan Andries baptised 01 Oct 1775 in Cape Town x Maria Elizabet Fourie


J Hoge Personalia of the Germans at the Cape
Heese en Lombard
Ivan Broodryk

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