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BAULING Christian Gottfried

Christian Gottfried BAULING arrived in South Africa in 1871. He was born on 30 March 1843 in Wedderstadt, Quedlinburg, Prussia (Germany). Christian BAULING and Dorothea Maria FLEMMING were his parents. A missionary as an occupation he came under the banner of the Berlin Missionary Society to South Africa.  He was originally stationed at Königsberg in Natal, South Africa but by the end of 1875 he moved to Lydenburg, Lowveld, South Africa. He married Maria Magdalene Christiane WESCHE on 14 October 1874, in Natal. Maria (from Rönnebeck, Germany) was the daughter of Gabriel Friedrich WESCHE and Juliane Auguste MüLLER. The surname means “to browse”.

The couple had the following children all born in Lydenburg:

b1 Traugott Friedrich *14 October 1875, +25 January 1928, X Gertruida Susanna Hendrina BREYTENBACH (1881-d)

b2 Reinhold Carl Gottfried *5 June 1879, +1956

b3 Ernst Heinrich Gabrie *21 July 1881, +24 August 1940

b4 Martin Ludwig Gustav *21 September 1883, +1966

b5 Hildegard Therese Dorothea *25 November 1885, +26 December 1967, X Franz Ludwig SCHULZE (1879-1939). Franz was the son of Carl Ferdinand Ludwig Diedrich and Johanna Elizabeth Bernhardina (née  GüLDENPFENNIG)

b6 Christian Hermann Erich *19 November 1887, +29 December 1968, X Petronella Magdalena ROUX (1907-1979). Petronella was the daughter of Pieter Eduard and Magdalena Elizabeth Leonora (née de VILLIERS)

b7 Gertrud Helena Anna *9 January 1890, +27 November 1952, X Edwin Friedrich Carl MüLLER(1882-1960). Edwin was the son of Carl Immanuel and Marie Dorothea Luise  (née VOLKER)

b8 Theodor Friedrich Wilhelm Otto *9 September 1892, +30 September 1973, X Mildred ORSMOND (1897-1977). Mildred was the daughter of Charles Ebenezer and Adeline Christiana (née HISCOCK)

b9 Friedrich Emil Paul *26 June 1896, +31 October 1982, X Amelia MARTINS (1897-1981). Amelia was the daughter of Joshua Joachim Jacobus and Helena Elisabeth Francina (née van den BERG)

Christian and Maria both died in Lydenburg respectively on 23 February 1912 and 22 July 1934


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